For you Americans (mostly): My worry about our Top Gear

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Top GearThere’s some great discussion going on in the comments section of Lois’ piece on the premier of the American version of Top Gear this weekend.

If you haven’t had a look I encourage you to do so.

One theme that keeps coming up is that the three hosts need to develop chemistry. How did Negative Camber put it on the podcast? He’s seen more chemistry from a bunsen burner in a high school science class?

True enough.

My worry, though, is whether there will be enough time for that to happen. The first run is of 10 shows, and I’m assuming from this sneak peak that at least a couple, maybe three, of the shows — if not more — were filmed back-to-back-to-back:

The best indication that the studio audience saw something worthwhile was the fact that, despite no chairs, no pay, minimal irrigation and hard-to-find bathrooms, no one left until the six-hour taping was finished.

If that’s the case, what we see next week won’t have a week’s maturation. It will have a few minutes’ worth. Heck, do we even know they taped the shows in order?

I hope those guys are quick learners, is all I can say.


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