Force India delay new car until British GP

Force India’s new 2015 car may not be available until the British Grand Prix according to driver Sergio Perez. It seems that the team had supplier issues as well as a switch of wind tunnels and this has delayed the new car.

In reports I’m reading, the car is often referred to as a “B-Spec” car but I was thinking their current car was actually a B-spec from the 2014 chassis with the new 2015 chassis set to appear originally in Monaco…now Silverstone in July. What do I know? I’m not a professional F1 journalists with years of grizzled miles indelibly written on my leather-skinned face. Due to my woeful lack of insider access, I guess the new 2015 chassis is actually a B-spec car regardless if the team are really using a modified 2014 chassis currently. Sergio said:

[quote_box_center]”We are obviously pushing very hard back at the factory trying to bring the package together. “We would love to have it for Barcelona but that didn’t happen so I think Silverstone will be the first time we have a new package.”[/quote_box_center]

It also seems that Force India and Manor are both finding delays with the latter suggesting that August is now looking like a hopeful time frame for the 2015 car…which I am assuming is being hailed as  B-spec too seeing as any changed chassis from the one the team started the season with is a B-spec.

Being that this is the case, You’re currently reading our B-Spec website. Just FYI.



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Paul KieferJr

That’s okay. I’ve only had a B-spec life. ;-)

Tom Firth

Wait, the relationship with TMG, and the use of its wind-tunnel lasted all of 5 and abit months? Or this is a follow-on from the wind-tunnel change the team made in december?