Force India may be living in an alternate reality

A little sci-fi type headline to honor the late Ray Bradbury, whose death was announced today.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit.

Quotes from the Force India team heading into Canada strike me as exceedingly optimistic given the success of Williams and Sauber (and maybe a looming Toro Rosso). And I’m the F1B resident Force India fan.

First, we have this from team boss Vijay Mallya:

Six races into the season and we have 28 points – a very strong start to the year. Both drivers are delivering what we expect of them and we’re gaining some momentum, just as we did last year. Our car is clearly competitive and so are the drivers.


The unpredictability of Formula One continues with the sixth different winner of the season in Monaco. I believe this unpredictability has crept in largely because of the tyres and it’s making for some entertaining races. That’s why we’re working especially hard to understand the tyres better to make sure we get the best out of them. If we can find the sweet spot I hope we can enjoy our own special results in the races to come.

Does “special results” mean just a podium or… even more?

See what I mean?

And then there’s a bit from Paul di Resta:

I think we’ve demonstrated that we can carry on where we left off last year and fight for points everywhere. The teams around us are all strong, but we’ve shown that we are consistent and can take on teams like Lotus, Williams and Sauber, who are all looking competitive. In terms of points scored we are well ahead of where we were this time last year we take a lot of positives from that. I believe we can keep picking up points and be even stronger in the second half of the year.

Finally, a short quote from Nico Hulkenberg to round things out: “We’re not too far behind Sauber and Williams after six races and we saw last year how well the team was able to develop so I’m optimistic we can do the same this year.”

What do you make of this? Typical team optimism or overly so? I think what strikes me is the quick-fire repetitiveness of the three statements (in order of going up on Force India’s website, Nico’s comes first and Vijay’s last.) Does it reflect something going on at Force India HQ? Is the team judging things too much by 2011?

How much might we find out this weekend?


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