Force India ordered to pay 1 million Euros to aero company


Where’s Vijay’s checkbook?

Force India has been ordered to pay Aerolab a cool 1 million Euros in the longstanding case between the two. Aerolab had accused Force India of not paying for services. Force India then complicated things by saying Aerolab had given technical details to Lotus.

Here’s some of the word:

Force India has received an unwelcome piece of news as F1 2010 approaches the end of its annual August break, with the Queen’s Bench Division in the High Court of Justice in London ordering the Silverstone-based squad to pay more than €1 million in damages to Aerolab.

The matter arose after Aerolab filed a court case against FIF1 for unpaid fees relating to services provided by the Italian aerodynamics company, and the dispute between the two parties has been ongoing for some time, with further legal issues pending regarding wind tunnel models that Aerolab produced for grand prix newcomer Lotus Racing.

Force India’s bill on this occasion is for €1,074,730, plus damages and interest at the rate of eight per cent – but Aerolab seems to be under no illusions that this payout is likely to be far from the end of the quarrel.

At least Vijay isn’t paying his drivers very much. There must be some coins lying around the office.

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