Force India reserve grabs DTM pole; pressure on Liuzzi? (Plus, bonus Rossi news)

Paul di Resta grabbed pole for this weekend’s DTM race, and given all the talk on this week’s podcast about how poorly Tonio Liuzzi is performing at Force India, I couldn’t help but go: “Oh no he dinn’t!”*

But di Resta did.

Also in that qualifying, for our many former F1 drivers in DTM fans, David Coulthard managed to avoid crashing and get into Q3 and will start eighth. Not so fortunate? Ralf Schumacher. He’ll be on the back row come Sunday’s start.

We need to see how the race goes, but do you suppose this is the kind of performance from di Resta that could bump people around in the Force India seats? And, am I right that Todd, Paul and Mark all hinted that doing so before the British Grand Prix makes sense?

Because it does, right? From a PR standpoint having di Resta take the wheel before Silverstone would focus a bunch of attention onto Force India. This just seems like it is getting more and more a sure thing.

Speaking of a sure thing — Valentino Rossi isn’t one anymore for his home Moto GP race at the Italian Grand Prix. He crashed big time and was taken off on a stretcher. Apparently he fractured his right shin bone (ouch!) and is having surgery. He could be out for two months.

If that doesn’t allow for new Rossi to Ferrari rumors, I don’t know what will!

* Purposeful misspelling!

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