Force India Reveal 2009 Challenger

Taking a page from the book “how to paint an F1 car” by the Renault team; Force India has shown that a garish contrast of colors including something closely related to orange can be…still ugly. Looking like a car tha ran in to a crayon box, Force India have big aspirations for the 2009 challenger and to be honest…they should.

Borrowing from the best and brightest at McLaren, Force India may have a strategic chance of not bringing up the rear at every race. Their relationship with Martin and the boys at Macca may just see them make the critical leap from always last to a mid-pack annoyance but Vijay has a different agenda:

“At least from my perspective, winning races I think I can certainly aspire for maybe in 2010, but for 2009 I would be happy if we are regularly in the points,” said team co-owner Vijay Mallya at the announcement of the McLaren-Mercedes deal last November. “That would be already a major step forward.”

Paint withstanding, the car looks nice (given the hokey rules) and should provide hours of by-yourself-entertainment.

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