Force India: Slow pay accounts?

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Apparently the Force India team was visited today by some green-clad German policemen regarding some outstanding invoices that were not paid by the F1 team. I said green-clad, not German prison-themed policemen.

It seems a sports marketing company had some unpaid bills that Force India had allegedly not addressed and the police were there to confiscate the cars or other products.

Vijay to the rescue! Apparently team owner Vijay Mallya intervened and the police left satisfied that the issue had been resolved. Nothing like a little repossession scare to start the weekend off on the good foot.

I was thinking that Vijay could let local police know that Max Mosley and Bern-nerd Ecclestone have unpaid invoices to Force India and have them confiscated and taken away from the race. Hey, what’s life without a little levity? Max might be able to actually see men and women in German prison-themed outfits. Whips not included.


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