Force India tire confusion…again

Force India had stacked their drivers during a pit stop in Germany. They made a rapid tire change on each car but unfortunately had placed an errant tire on each of it’s cars. One soft with three hard compounds and one hard with three soft compounds.

This is illegal by FIA regulations and so they were reprimanded. This weekend hasn’t been much better. Apparently testing driver Paul di Resta had used tires marked for Saturday during Friday’s first practice session and this too is not allowed.

Having already been reprimanded for the tire debacle of Germany, the team was now fined 5,000 euros for the infraction. The details of F1 are daunting and the execution of those details even more so. I suspect Force India has asked a few question within the team about what happened but to be fair, the incident in Germany was an honest mistake as the cars were stacked and people were rushing. Haste can often prompt errors and so it did at Hockenheim. Not sure about Hungary.

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