Force India would consider Sutil’s return

Rumors have a way of being completely false but sometimes they can be spot on. The current rumor that Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg will be driving for Sauber in 2013 is certainly gaining steam but team owner Vijay Mallya says he’s not heard a peep from Nico on the matter:

“I have not been officially notified by Nico of anything,” Mallya told Reuters. “He hasn’t sat down with me and told me that. I would expect that he would if he was on his way…I have an excellent relationship with him, he’s a wonderful guy. He’s done well for us.”

I’ll say he has. His 8th-place finish in Sunday’s Indian Grand Prix was terrific and oddly, the world feed showed very little of Force India during the race. Reuters asked if there was another diver Mallya would entertain as a replacement such as former driver Adrian Sutil:

“Yes absolutely, why not? Never forget I always have the potential of considering Sutil again. Sutil is always quick. So there are many options. “I would certainly consider him,” he said.

Of all the drivers available, would Sutil be your first choice? Keep in mind, you are the head of a team that is in need of a driver that can bring cash so this limits some of the top drivers. Would you be interested in Sutil or someone else?

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