Force India’s 2009 Spa finish voted ‘moment of the year’

Finally, something worthwhile from that LG survey!


Well, apparently the 90,000 fans who took the time to go through the survey voted Force India’s Spa podium finish as the moment of 2009.

The details can be spied here. I don’t yet see anything at Force India’s we page.

“We at LG wanted to know directly from fans their favourite moment of the year, something that made them feel good: so we asked them the question,” said Andrew Barrett, Vice President of Global Sponsorships for LG.

“We put it to the vote through the LG Global Fan Survey, and Force India’s result in Spa came out top,” added Barrett, who presented Force India Team Principal Dr Vijay Mallya with a specially-commissioned picture during this weekend’s 2010 Formula 1 Qantas Australian Grand Prix.

Judging by the “this weekend’s” description of Australia, I think this news has been slow to build. But it is the first time I’ve seen it. (Did anyone else spot it earlier?)

Here’s Mallya’s reaction:

“Congratulations to Force India and our thanks to the fans for getting involved bringing this moment to the forefront. We are planning to ask the public to vote for the 2010 LG Moment of the Year at the end of the season and we look forward to crowing the winners,” Mallya said

At the very least, it certainly was the team’s moment for 2009. We’ll see if they can match it this season.

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