Force India’s Vijay Mallya Twitter account hacked

The curious case of Vijay Mallya has taken another twist this week with a strange message via his Twitter account which has apparently been hacked:

“Hello We are back with – Vijay mallya’s assets at several banks All known passwords of Mr. Mallya,”

The posters of the message used the name The Legion Group and they sent a series of rapid tweets with screenshots of files of assets allegedly owned by Mallya including such niceties as a French castle, a host of Maybach cars and startup investments. Additional messages listed the location of a London property as well as email addresses.

Mallya had sent a tweet prior to the apparent hack saying:

“Outfit called Legion has hacked my e-mail accounts and are blackmailing me !! What a joke.”

Legion hackers denied any blackmail allegations:

“We did not blackmail Mallya, any and all rumours are assumptions and fake! He is creating propaganda.”

The hacker uploaded “zipped” documents that were said to contain assets, offshore investments, bank accounts and more but it is unclear as to why Mallya was their target. The Indian businessman and Formula 1 team owner lives in the UK as the Indian government seeks his extradition over the collapse of King Fisher Airlines in which creditors are seeking to recover over $1 billion in losses.

Despite the drama over living in exile and targeted hacking, the Force India team managed to score its best-ever result in the 2016 Formula 1 championship finishing fourth it the Constructor’s title which is worth millions of dollars in prize money.

It is a testament to Bob Fernley and the entire team for taking the fight to the legendary Williams F1 and finishing fourth in the penumbra of the owner’s personal legal entanglements. Despite the lack of funds, the team managed to develop their car, secure a Mercedes engine supply contract and remain competitive all season long and in Formula 1, that’s no easy task.

Hat Tip: WSJ

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Schumi Toronto

NC – “penumbra”? Really? Are you really going to make me get out my dusty copy of Funky Wagnels?

WOW! Imagine owning a “plethora” of Maybach’s? (Back atcha NC!)

Negative Camber

LOL…just trying to keep you frosty my friend. :)