Forget the boycott crap

I’m not entirely sure why so much attention was made of a “possible” boycott of the USGP by Force India, Sauber and Lotus but the media certainly have been spinning it up and Sky Sports spent a lot of their brand capital mentioning it all day.

I get the fact that Force India are upset but with only 20 points separating them and McLaren, a boycott could cost them millions and isn’t that what they are complaining about?

I find the entire notion to be offensive to fans regardless of what financial struggles the teams may or may not be having and it, once again, lends itself to mobocracy which you all know, I hate.

Irrespective, Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone told Reuters:

“Forget all that crap. I promise you they will be racing (tomorrow),” said Ecclestone. “They will be racing, I give you an absolute guarantee.

“I’m worried if they are going to be racing next year,”

I like the jab at the end. Nothing to see here and Lotus has already used Twitter to let everyone know that they are racing Sunday because that’s why they came to Austin. Crap indeed.

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