Forget the Ferrari, get yourself a Toyota Yaris

OK, so a quick admission:

Aside from Grace and her secret government job, the rest of the Formula 1 Blog team are pretty, unspeakably wealthy thanks to the gigantic checks Negative Camber sends us each month. So many zeros, the mind boggles. (Grace has been sending all her checks to support Curiosity, otherwise she’d be rich, too.)

Just how we spent all that extra cash varies. Tony’s camera gear would fill the back of an 18-wheeler. Andy had front-row seats to every important event at the London Olympics. Laura has a sticker on Felipe Massa’s car, which you’ve probably seen. Mark Hallam, who didn’t need the extra money to finance his covert operations, has already purchased his retirement island, which I hear is near Mitt Romney’s. Paul Charsley’s wine cellar would make a French chateau owner swoon. Vick owns the world’s most important collection of President Grant memorabilia.

Me? One word: Plastics.

We all also own at least one Ferrari each; some are vintage, others the latest 458. (Exception: Grace, who is in the process of buying the latest McLaren now that Curiosity no longer needs the support.)

This doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the needs and concerns of the middle class. We understand that not everyone is as fortunate as we are to have a benefactor such as Negative Camber. And we know that everyone loves to go fast.

So here’s the solution: Toyota today announced its return to WRC with a souped-up …

Wait for it …

Wait for it …



Here’s more:

TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG) will return to rallying with the entry-level TMG Yaris R1A car, which will be showcased in public for the first time at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland (24-26 August).

TMG has developed the TMG Yaris R1A specifically to provide an affordable, exciting entry into rallying for competitors young and old. TMG is taking orders immediately, with donor car and upgrade kit (excluding tax and installation) priced at approximately €22,500.

The FIA’s R1A regulations permit only limited performance modifications to the standard 1.33l petrol-engined, three-door Yaris. TMG’s upgrade kit includes racing exhaust and catalytic converter system, shorter final drive gear, motorsport suspension with adapted springs and adjustable ride height.

Toyota says it expects this Yaris to be the first to be awarded FIA R1A homologation. And this:

After a positive test in July in Saarland, the TMG Yaris R1A will make its public debut in the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, the ninth round of the WRC. It will run as a ‘zero car’ on the event, running at close to full speed in its role as course vehicle, confirm safe road conditions and announcing the start of each stage.

It will be driven by Isolde Holderied, a former works driver in the German Rally Championship during TMG’s world championship-winning rally era. TMG team member Herbie Hossbach will co-drive.

The TMG Yaris R1A represents the first stage in a wider plan from TMG to supply cost-effective and fun motorsport cars to private entrants.

A quick, sporty, fun as can be car that anyone can afford. No more need to lust after the output from Maranello.

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