Former Ferrari man, Fry, joins Manor

Where do former Ferrari boffins go? Apparently they head to Manor. The departure of John Booth and Graeme Lowdon had many fans scratching their heads as to what was going on at the end of last year but now it seem the team are arming themselves with a Mercedes engine, Williams gearbox and two former Ferrari brains.

Last week it was announced that Nikolas Tombazis was now their aerodynamicist and now he will be joined by former technical director of Ferrari, Pat Fry, as engineering consultant.

“We are extremely fortunate to have Pat on board to help us hit the ground running with our exciting new technical package,” said Manor racing director Dave Ryan, who joined in November and previously worked with Fry when they were both at McLaren.

“The aim is to bring performance to the car with effect from the Barcelona tests, then translate that to the race track in Melbourne, to ensure we make the strongest possible start to 2016 and have a good basis for development in the early part of the season.”

The team are rebuilding their management with Dave Ryan’s appointment late last season and the only thing they haven’t announced is who their drivers will be for 2016. Will Stevens feels he’s done enough to warrant a ride there and I am sure Roberto Mehri feels the same although both were humbled by the driving talents of American Alexander Rossi when he sat in for Mehri last year.

It’s still unclear why Booth and Lowdon left but signing Fry and Tombazis is a step in the right direction. Booth and Lowdon haven’t landed yet and they were keen to remain involved in F1.


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Enough of a step forward to earn a point or two?


I think the will be in the points regularly. Given their “new” power units and some of the staff they are going to be much better than they have been. No only if they could sort out their drivers and hire someone like Rossi.


They are probably hiring ex Ferrari employees to save money on providing new uniforms (the red and white just need patches to cover up the Italian team’s sponsors). :-)

Paul KieferJr

Hmmm….”Manor” = “Ferrari B Team”?


I thought that was Haas.


WIth Mercedes engines?


Under their new owner it looks like Manor are making the investments, contracts and hirings to get them off the back row of the grid. The Mercedes p.u contract looks like a huge step up, and now bringing in senior people who have a track record of success in F1. There are probably lots of other things going on to make sure Manor ‘ bring performance to the car with effect from the Barcelona tests, then translate that to the race track in Melbourne’. For sentimental reasons we might have liked to see John Booth and Graeme Lowden lead Manor… Read more »


Completely agree! Manor should now take the next step and get an experienced driver to develop the car. Would be great to see Pastor in action with Manor and beat the Renaults. I expect Rio Haryanto will be one of the drivers, the other will probably also bring a big sponsor so that would leave out Maldonado.