Formula 1 Blog Bingo

Formula 1 Blog bingo

Forum regulars may recall that to celebrate every 50th podcast on the main show we have played a drinking game called Drink along with Grace.  The idea of this game was that every time one of the phrases listed was mentioned on the podcast, you would take a drink from your chosen beverage.  The idea being that by the end of the podcast the listeners would have consumed almost as much as Grace.

Now as many listeners to the podcast do so while driving, I thought we may modify the game slightly.  Below are listed some of the more popular phrases that have been uttered over the first 349 podcasts.  The idea is that each listener picks ten phrases from the list before listening to podcast 350.  Then they record the time when all ten of their phrases have been uttered at least once.  The listener who has their phrases said in the shortest time wins.

Pick ten phrases from this list:

  1. ‘the word Formula, the numeral one, blog dot com’;
  2. ‘what are you imbibing tonight’;
  3.  ‘AUTOSPORT’ if said in Todd’s British accent;
  5.  ‘The International Paul Charsley’;
  6.  ‘Shake Shake Shake’;
  7.  ‘High Degradation Tyres’;
  8.  ‘Donkey Racing System’;
  9.  ‘BARF 1’;
  10.  Any time Grace says ‘Sobber’ instead of ‘Sauber’;
  11.  ‘The human paper shredder’;
  12.  Any mention of Todd’s man love for Nick Heidfeld, Timo Glock (orNico Hulkenberg);
  13.  ‘Angel babies’
  14. ‘Spa 98’;
  15. ‘Vrooom’;
  16. Cricket sound effects;
  17. Any mention of Andy in a Tutu;
  18. ‘I’ll believe it when the boxes turn up’;
  19. ‘pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’;
  20. ‘Luca de blah blah’;
  21. Any mention of Grace driving a hire car across train tracks;
  22. ‘Ferrari arm waving’;
  23. ‘never underestimate McLaren’s ability to shoot themselves in the foot’;
  24. Any reference to SJ Skid stating this will be Mercedes’ year;
  25. Any mention of the podcast in the cave;
  26. ‘Mock Webba’;
  27. Any mention of Lewis Hamilton flying over a Turkish opera;
  28. Any sounds of Grace eating;
  29. ‘what’s the deal with Heikki?’;
  30. ‘#chassis squeeze’;
  31. ‘total bullshit’ if said in a Niki Lauda accent;

And as it is car launch season, any mention of the following:

  1. the drivers’ being photographed while sat on the front tyres;
  2. being unable to watch the launch live on the internet;
  3. T-shirt cannons;
  4. the flamboyant car launches of the ’90’s;
  5. the car won’t look like that when it gets to the first test.

In the unlikely event that ten phrases aren’t picked, the person with the most phrases read out will be the winner.  Unfortunately as this would be hard to monitor, there is no prize, just bragging rights on F1B.

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