Formula 1 needs a nose job

Scuderia Toro Rosso released their 2014 challenger called the STR9 today at Jerez and not shockingly, it has a large, drooping nose much like many of the other cars that will form the 2014 grid in formula 1.

The nose is an interpretation of the regulations by engineers who are keen to keep the nose high while the FIA are keen to keep the nose low. Imagine the outcome and you have the ‘anteater’ nose. While that nose may be unattractive, the drivers are excited about the new car:

Daniil Kvyat:

“I am very excited that I am about to start my first season in Formula 1. It will be a year of discovering many new things, which I expect will be very interesting. I can’t wait to actually start the driving part, the best part of my job. Six days of winter testing is not a lot and I will have to see how quickly I get used to the new car, which wasn’t a big issue when I drove the 2013 car. Being a rookie means there’s a steep learning curve, but the bright side of this year’s regulation change is that all the drivers will be getting used to a new way of driving, starting from zero. Anyway, I have always liked a big challenge. Physically, I feel ready after a good winter training programme, concentrating a bit on my neck muscles. The team hasn’t set me any specific targets, so its just a case of getting on top of my game as quickly as possible.”

Jean-Eric Vergne:

“This will be my third season in Formula 1 and I definitely feel better prepared than ever before. From what I have seen in the factory, the same applies to the team. Now we must make the most of winter testing and work hard to ensure that all our efforts pay off. I am confident we have what we need to do well. From a driver’s point of view, we will have a lot of new elements to understand and changes that will require us to adapt as quickly as possible. That will be one of the tasks for winter tests, so that we can make the most of the package available right from the first race. We will have to adopt a different style of driving, especially in the races, with this new power unit combined with the need to manage fuel, while the changes to the rule regarding levels of downforce will make the cars feel different, offering less grip, which will also take some getting used to. It’s going to be a fascinating start to the year.”

But team boss Franz Tost had another assessment of the car telling AUTOSPORT:

“I don’t like these noses, to be honest,” he told AUTOSPORT. “I think that this is not F1 like.

“This is how the engineers have found the best solution from the aerodynamic point of view, but I don’t think that these noses should have a big future.”

Let’s hope the FIA and teams can come to a better solution because quite honestly these noses look horrible. Formula 1 is supposed to be elegantly fast and these cars look as if they need a nose job or depending on how salacious you care to be, they can produce a few red faces when discussed due to their shape. As our own Mark McArdle (Fake Charlie Whiting) put it, It’s a boy!

toro Rosso STR9 nose c600

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