Formula E charged for 2014…you can feel good now

You wanted a “Green” strategy. You’ve been determined to find ways to reduce your carbon footprint. You think its time to stop melting icebergs and start being good stewards of the planet. You wince when you read Autoweek, Road & Track, Car & Driver and sense the pain in which the journalists struggle with their passion for motoring juxtaposed with killing the planet. You gnash your teeth when you peruse their article and empathize with them when they want to talk well of the new Viper V10 but simply can’t because anything that creates over 500hp and isn’t electric really shouldn’t be touted in journalistic circles. It’s a nightmare and you know it. It’s the auto journalists worst dream come true…internal combustion thrills now unceremoniously murdered by environmentally friendly alternatives.

I have good new for you…your ship has come in. Eric Barbaroux and financial heavyweight Enrique Banuelos have created Formula E Holdings.  The new electric formula series has now been officially blessed for commercial rights by the FIA with Jean Todt saying:

“We are pleased with this agreement with Formula E Holdings as they bring a very strong experience in motor sport,” Todt said. ” I would like to thank all the parties involved.

“This new competition at the heart of major cities is certain to attract a new audience. This spectacular series will offer both entertainment and a new opportunity to share the FIA values and objectives of clean energy, mobility and sustainability with a wider and younger audience.”

The good news?  The commercial rights were awarded to Addax owner Alejandro Agag and Drayson Racing’s  Lord Drayson. You’ll recall that Lord Drayson has been a strong proponent of alternative energies and “green” racing as a whole with his efforts in endurance racing. Drayson said:

“As a pioneer in electric motorsport, we believe that Formula E can become the world’s first truly sustainable global racing championship, encouraging R&D, driving scientific innovation and promoting the adoption of zero-emission electric vehicles to improve air quality in our cities,” Lord Drayson said.

Another racing series is certainly what the world needs and apparently the FIA aren’t completely satisfied with what KERS has brought Formula One. No, they seem to think an all electric series would be better and I’ll be honest, it may be really good for a host of reasons. Sure, reducing fossil fuel dependency is always a good thing but the innovation in electric power storage is a real bane on civilization and this may lead to some very exciting ideas and applications.

The mystery of how to generate energy is not as opaque as the mystery on how to store it and this could be an area of innovation-packed egg-heads from manufacturers who really want to make a difference. The FIA’s new mission is certainly clean energy, mobility and sustainability and even though those notions are becoming dog-eared with many companies claiming they are the model of eco-friendliness, the FIA has perhaps grown weary of safety being it’s only reason for existence.

The FIA has a mission and good on them. They will certainly support the series and I think this is grand as it will offer a real alternative to those who feel racing can be green and more innovative than a bunch of petrol heads running around in circles and burning oil and killing the planet one victory at a time.

If you watched my video on the Williams Hybrid Power Flywheel system, you’ll know there are myriad ways that racing can and should move toward new innovations and this may be the best stepping stone the world has seen since one French dude decided to race another French dude to a town far away.

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