Formula E could see Prost, Senna on grid in 2014

Formula E continues to ramp up for the inaugural year in 2014. While Lord Drayson, Andretti Autosport, Dragon Racing and China Racing have all signed on as official teams for the series, there may be a bit of a surprise in store this week.

According to Christian Sylt (for Autoweek), an invitation has been sent to the press for an event on Oct. 24 to be hosted by Alain Prost, Formula E’s CEO, Alejandro Agag and FIA president Jean Todt. The invitation says the event will introduce a new team to Formula E and it is believed that Alain Prost will be the head of that new endeavor.

Prost is a brand ambassador for Renault who will be a technical partner for Formula E. There is also another person attending who has a history of owning motorsport teams.

Jean-Paul Driot, owner of French company Dams, will be at the event as well and it would not shock me if he were the man fielding a new team in Formula E but Mr. Sylt says it’s Prost and who am I to argue with that?

Formula E will be racing in city streets including Monaco, Miami, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and Beijing. Its $3.3m annual budget cap is attractive to several folks in the business and the first year’s car expenses are on the house so that makes it very attractive…attractive enough for McLaren and Williams F1 to be involved as suppliers.

As for drivers, you can imagine that there are several names being thrown about and we’ve spoken about Felipe Massa being a great candidate. Agag says that the drivers will be mainly ex-F1 drivers and the name Bruno Senna is being kicked around as one of them. Perhaps a Prost team with a Senna at the wheel? That’s name recognition if nothing else right?

If Prost does get back into racing via team ownership, it’s been a while since the Frenchman has faced that challenge. I’ve said before that one of my favorite cars of all time was the Prost GP car in French racing blue. I loved that car! Well, that one and the Matra MS10. As Christian points out, the team was launched as Prost GP after the 4-time champion purchased the Ligier F1 team and re-branded it. It closed its doors in 2001 with some consternation from Prost about the lack of support he received from the French government as he felt it represented a national effort.

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