Formula E gets charged by Williams

Williams announced today that they will be joining the chorus of Formula One teams involved in the new FIA Formula E series. With Renault  Michelin and McLaren already on board, Williams will supply the series with battery technology that was developed with their work on the Jaguar supercar.

Williams Advanced Engineering, the division of the Williams group that commercialises Formula One based technologies, is to partner with Spark Racing Technology.

Spark Racing Technology was created in 2012 and is focused on the manufacture of the cars that will compete in the FIA Formula E Championship. Williams Advanced Engineering has signed an exclusive agreement with Spark Racing Technology and will be the sole supplier of battery technology to Formula E.

Williams currently develops both battery and flywheel energy storage systems for motorsport and non-motorsport applications. This has included developing a flywheel hybrid system for Audi’s Le Mans winning R18 e-tron quattro, a flywheel system for London buses with Go-Ahead Group, and a battery hybrid system for the Jaguar C-X75 supercar.

Frederic Vasseur, President of Spark Racing Technology, commented;

“I am delighted to welcome Williams into our new ambitious project. The vast experience from Williams and especially from Williams Advanced Engineering in the field of hybrid systems and electric engine power, guarantees quality. Spark Racing Technology is extremely proud to bring together some of the biggest names in motorsport and expects no less from Williams as they accompany us in the highest level of the first world championship for electric cars.”

Sir Frank Williams, Founder and Team Principal of Williams, added;

“We are delighted to be partnering with Spark Racing Technology to introduce our battery technology into their cars for next year’s FIA Formula E Championship. This is an exciting new racing series that will play a key role in highlighting the growing relevance of technologies originally developed for motorsport to the wider world. Energy efficiency is an important issue for Williams and whilst our work in this field is now spanning a number of market sectors beyond racing, motorsport will always be the ultimate proving ground for our technologies. Electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly important part of the automotive industry and Formula E is the perfect opportunity for Williams to validate the latest developments in battery technology.”

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