Formula E lands big name in Drayson Racing

What do you get when you announce a new racing series entirely based on electric power? You get lord Drayson! That’s what you get. As the former Minister of Science in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, you can see where Paul Drayson honed his chops on being a serious sustainability champion. The ideology coursed through his veins and permeated his own motor sport team, Drayson Racing Technology.

As a long-time competitor in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the ALMS series, Drayson has long been a champion of green racing and the newly minted Formula E series is the perfect vehicle for such a petrol head. Reuters has the story:

“We aim to be one of the front runners from the start, leveraging the knowhow we’ve built up over the past two years working on electric drivetrains and developing our 200 mph electric Le Mans prototype,” said Drayson.

“We believe that FIA Formula E has very significant commercial potential, it will attract new fans and new sponsors to motorsport and is on track to become the world’s leading environmentally sustainable global sporting event.”

We’ve mentioned it before but we think the idea of Formula E is terrific. We would love to see the series become very successful and a wonderful proving ground for road car technology. As we all know, battery technology si one of the biggest limiting factors in the universe of technological advancement and this series could help design the next generation of power plants for our road cars.

We also love the idea because perhaps the rest of the world may finally leave Formula One alone and stop trying to greenwash it.

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