Formula Zero: Why recreate the wheel Max?

After researching Mr. Bors’s involvement in ING’s board and his participation in Formula Zero, I was reminded of the effort put forth to create a zero emissions racing series and wondered why Max is trying to move F1 in this direction.Why not just leave F1 and govern Formula Zero? It has all the earmarks of being earth-friendly, it is supported bu the Dutch government, so it has a Euro-appeal, and would reflect well on Max’s mad march to be ‘green’.

There is a good chance you could get Nelson JUNIOR, Fisi, Rubens, Liuzzi and perhaps Sato if you play our cards right and you could take Mr. Donnelly with you. It sounds like a win-win situation for me but then again, FOTA obviously would be lost without such crack regulation development and measured cost-cutting decisions.

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