Podcast #379- Crickets

You know, Formula 1’s summer break is always a challenge with everyone on holiday but I wasn’t expecting the entire F1B staff to take it quite this literal. Yes, at the risk of losing every listener we have, I’ve decided to do a one-man show in order to explore the philosophical notion of the sound of one hand clapping. I think you’ll agree that it achieves the dull, mind-numbing results that the philosophy of one hand clapping achieves too.

Regardless, a “best of” or “throwback” episode seemed to be somewhat patronizing to an audience as terrific as you all are so I thought I would really offend you by giving you more of what you don’t want…me.  My apologies up front for completely failing to meet your expectations this week. Hey, come to think of it…for all of you who really hate how long our casts are and have asked for a shorter podcast, here is your gift…so called. ;)

Here is the video of the Flavio reference I make in the podcast.

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