Podcast #386- Singapore GP review

The $800 Podcast

Big apologies for the delay in getting this podcast posted. I’ve been using a 2011 MacBook Pro and running 16mb of RAM when one day it started overheating. Took it to Apple, they charged me $350 and sent it to their service depot. Now, they did replace a ton of components and put the old 4mb of RAM back in and it was a very quick turnaround.

Monday night, it did it again. It overheated, shut down, corrupted the disk and it took forever to even get into the computer from another, older MacBook Pro. I took it to Apple and yes, they confiscated it to send it away again. I did use a USB OSX Lion recovery option by the way.

Knowing all of you count on us to get our product out promptly, I purchased a Mac Mini while there in order to load the recorded audio I had of Paul and I and $800 later, here is your podcast. I good time to mention that donations are welcome because this was not budgeted for in the least. So here is your podcast a day late and, now, a dollar short. Also, the ice maker was $100 if you were wondering so technically, it’s the $900 podcast. :(

Join Paul and me as we discuss the Singapore Grand Prix. We cover the teams as they finish and even mention Pastor Maldonado, temper tantrums, hair bands, leaking freezers, Williams and their bitch slap as well as a grandmother and even discuss the championship.

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