Podcast #413

Join Grace an me on this “monkey fightin’ FBC Monday to Friday” Podcast. We cover all sorts of things like the return of Alonso and Bottas, the sporty Williams and their peppy attitude, the McLaren statement which always begets more statements and more.

Fashion award winners:







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Paul KieferJr

1. Well, considering that the President of the United States lives there…. 2. I went to a demolition derby and a Formula 1 race broke out. 3. So, how’d he get that degree? Course-by-mail? 4. Impact test? Fernando carries enough impact just on his name alone. Who needs to test that? 5. Moves like Jaegermeister? What? 6. I start to wonder if they cheated on that crash test. After all, how do you study for such a thing? >rimshot< 7. First, I think McLaren needs to get that car out of the garage. 8. I was hoping you'd be doing… Read more »


Off Topic: Has there been another website change? I can no longer scroll through recent comments. Reading fans’ insights is an important aspect to me, and so miss this feature.

No biggie, but it helps, particularly when away from the F1 world for long clips.

Oops, meant the pic for the handle, not attachment. My old 996 with my brother’s (formally Dad’s) 356. Clarkson was right about one thing; hasn’t changed all that much. My 991 is pretty much the same… :D Loving the new edit function; if only it could remove mis-attached photos by dumb dumbs…

Negative Camber

Where were you scrolling through comments Jeff? I can see all the comments for this post. Point in the direction and maybe I can help. :)

Paul KieferJr

I think he was thrown off by the fact that you can now sort them by “oldest”, “newest” and “best”. Through me off a little bit, but I can adjust. ;-)

Tom Firth

Just to clarify I think Jeff meant this bit, used to have Newer/older options to scroll through the various comments on the website that had been posted, non thread specific.

Negative Camber

I don’t recall that scrolling. I believe that widget has always had a set amount of comments which I usually placed at 5 or 8 depending on the widget.


Tom’s correct. On your homepage, the “Recent Comments” header had an “Older” or “Older Comments” button that allowed one to see who commented on what topic and when. It was an easy way to see conversation trends, whether I for example wanted to read more into the post and discussion. It also caught me up faster on collected news if away for awhile, rather than hunting through the site’s various subsections.

I think my “scrolling” usage muddied the waters.


Hi Todd,

I meant under the “Recent Comments” header; the scrolling or “newer/older” buttons aren’t showing up for me. I’d value them if they can be reinserted with minimal fuss,.

A minor issue at best; I simply like vetting topic matters through fellow fans’ lenses first.

The comment edit function is invaluable, and thanks for permitting paragraph/space breaks again.

Negative Camber

Yeah, I was trying two different comment system. I liked livefyre because you could post via your Twitter account but there were some basic limitations that, quite honestly, I was surprised they didn’t have solutions for. Like recent comment widgets for wordpress…that’s pretty basic. Disqus has those and I know you all like seeing what other folks are talking about so I went with it. Sorry for confusion and I really wanted to use Livefyre because it had really nice social media integration but…oh well.

Louis Jansen

Thanks for the podcast! Grace agreed that it was a boring Australian GP. So I hope that it all goes much better at Sepang. Some rain please, because that should level performance and compromise the Mercedes advantage in some way. In the Netherlands F1 is supported much more instantly. I am explaining this sport and the teams performances every day to my less knowledgable countrymen. They should listen to your podcasts!

Negative Camber

Rain is a very good possibility there…and did you happen to know that sometimes…it can be raining on spot of the track and dry on the other? ;)

Louis, Amsterdam

Well, rain was a factor in qualifying and our guy, Max, made an impression. It did rain at every part of the circuit. Not at once, it came “from the east”. One is so happy to listen to the BBC broadcast. They know their North, East, West and South. No mix up in Metric vs Imperial system here!

Junipero Mariano

i was dying to hear the Arnie drop during the Bernie vs. Manor story.


Quality stuff as always.

Negative Camber

No sir, YOU are quality stuff. ;)



Tom Firth

Believe you should have Nick Harris and Matt Birt on the commentary for MotoGP.

Tom Firth

Also Todd, DST starts in the UK on sunday.

Negative Camber

Thank heavens. About time! Can’t you people get anything right? I’m tired of having to do the “maths” already. :)


I appreciate the use of English as well :)

Daniel Johnson

I rather enjoyed the Bottas impersonation. I really want “Bottas” to read the next Ron Dennis press release.

Negative Camber

LOL…I’ll have to work on that. :)


Thanks guys top notch yet again,
Just of to work… You know its dry at home at the moment but I am pretty sure it will be raining on the other side of the Island at the moment…. Should I pack my raincoat? decisions………decisions

Negative Camber

Nah…everyone knows it’s flat out from home to work…just like Eau Rogue. ;)


I occasionally have to cross rail road tracks…. I can’t help but lift.. Maybe I need Grace to give me some pointers


Did you know that it can be raining on one side of the South Island, but dry on the other??
But its a heck of a long lap, longer if you lift for the railway crossings.


Grace / Todd
can we get the Picture of Hamilton and Massa????

Negative Camber

Here it is.


Now I see why there were money spending rumors about Hamilton. Borrowing Massa as your bodyguard from Williams can’t be cheap.


$40 million a year and Hamilton can’t afford socks?
What’s he doing with his money????????


LH’s shoes are awesome.