Podcast #414- Malaysian GP review

Join Paul, Mark and me as we discuss the Malaysian Grand Prix. We cover each team as they finished and explore our thoughts on the race and action. We even cover things like the penalties, Ferrari’s new pace, Mercedes error (was it an error?) and more.

We even mention the Indycar race…which is starting to look like this:

Penske vs Indycar

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Great race, and I’m really happy Sebastian won! I agree with him that it is an important step that someone has finally beaten Mercedes outright, without them having a problem or taking each other out. Marcus Ericsson benefited from the changing weather conditions in quali, putting him out of place on the grid. Too bad he couldn’t capitalise on that in the race… Sky mentioned him “blocking” Kimi in Q2, but I must disagree – they all were on hot laps at the time (trying to get a lap in before the rain), including Marcus. It’s just that an Ericsson… Read more »

Negative Camber

Oooh…that’s a good pass of the race there. :)


I loved it! From the onboard shot, you can almost see Kimi thinking “Oh, what the heck…” (or whatever the Finnish variant of that would be) as he decides to swing left and just float past two cars… :-)

Paul KieferJr

1. To be honest, those IndyCars were looking like armadillos. 2. Heat plus humidity probably screwed up the Merc engine. 3. I think I saw someone frying eggs on the tarmac during the race. 4. Vettel did stomp on that thing and drove away once he got past the two Mercs, and it was a good effort from Raikkonen despite the puncture. 5. I think it just boils down to bad strategic calls on the Merc pit team. 6. Rather impressive for Toro Rosso, especially with Verstappen and Sainz. Solid mid-field guys with some front-end potential. 7. The RBR is… Read more »

Junipero Mariano

Beyond the drier not slamming the pedals, what factors on the car contribute to tire degradation? What do you think Ferrari had that Mercedes didn’t?

Negative Camber

The way the chassis is designed, Ferrari had less deg than Merc in the hot weather. This means that the car was gentler on its tires. The tires are made to degrade through loading in corners, braking and throttle on exit and over time, rolling down straights (admittedly less wear). It’s when the car is loaded in turns that the tires take punishment.

Paul KieferJr

So, therefore, we can conclude that even though the Merc engines could be the best, the chassis is not doing them any favors. Result: the straighter tracks could favor the Mercs while the twistier tracks favor the Ferraris.


Junipero Mariano I can’t help determine why Ferrari handled its tires better than Merc, but do find it helpful distinguishing between wear and (thermal) degradation; the two are related but neither identical nor predictably interwoven. First, a tire is generally some sort of vulcanized rubber compound, a mixture of“things” that when activated by friction ie; heat, becomes softer, literally sticking to a surface. It’s an energy transfer thing: stored energy becoming mechanical energy, the consumable (tire) being consumed in the process. As such, designers balance which properties are prioritized; durability, thermal operating window, noise for road cars, are typically opposed… Read more »


How do you feel about the technical commentary and descriptions pf the gaps and positions of the running drivers in IndyCar? I feel Bestwick/Arute/Punch etc. provide better commentary than F1 NBC allows their commentators to provide. NBC also allows Tracy and gang to do a better job, more along the lines of what Anthony Davison provides for Sky.

The cars are hideous. They’re getting away from one of the reasons I follow IndyCar in addition to NASCAR and F1 – reliance on mechanical grip.

Negative Camber

I’ve always liked Dr. Punch.