Podcast #416- Chinese Grand Prix Review

Join Paul, Mark and me as we review the Chinese Grand Prix. We cover each team and talk about how Lewis was selfish and nearly cost Nico his second place. We talk about Williams and their next big thing. We cover Ferrari and manage to suggest their pace could be, maybe for real. We review each team as they finished, not just the big teams or top ten…because each team deserves our attention.

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Good episode, I especially like Paul’s comments on lead drivers controlling the race behind them. Good insight.

Negative Camber

Me too. It does happen and it isn’t spoken of much in F1. Webber at Turkey 2010 is a good example. Nico was accused of the Monaco event too so there are games being played. Alonso balking Lewis’s pit stop etc. To quote one of my fav Australians (Iva Davies), “this is not a beautiful party, this is just a big bad world”.


Perhaps it just goes to show that Hamilton has more in common with Prost than Senna?
Winning at the slowest possible sped didn’t really appeal to the Brazilian, but Fangio’s philosophy was embraced by the Frenchman.

Paul KieferJr

1. A professional driver, yes. Everything else…..well, we’ll see. 2. Had a bit of early confusion with the system during FP3, but eventually started to figure it out. 3. I dunno if I want to be proud of being 17th… 4. Sounds like Rosberg’s caught between a rock and a hard place. 5. I’m somewhat concerned about Rosberg’s psychological health. Should we put him on “suicide watch”? 6. I foresee a silly season which starts with Rosberg’s departure from Mercedes. 7. All true. However, rightly or wrongly perceived, Rosberg might start to think that there’s some form of unfair favoritism.… Read more »


Interesting. At first I thought you had 22 points, then realized you live in a land where there are actually 12 counts to 10. ;)

If he thinks there is favoritism at all, then he’s on the right track. If he thinks it’s unfair, then he has more problems that we think. The salary difference certainly suggests favoritism, or at least different values, and two WDCs to zero justifies any favoritism in my opinion.


Nico seems to have a sense of entitilement, and being aggressive towards Lewis during press conferences. The incident with Jenson rolling his eyes during a drivers panel, and Button seemingly in disbelief to the answer that Rosberg had directing towards Lewis, immediately comes to mind. Rosberg needs to show more of that aggressiveness with Hamilton on the race track, instead of press conferences.
What a creep!


Love the pre-podcast banter! And after the highly professional mike skills presented, it was nice to see that Mark got his theme music at last. Although I must admit I had half expected it to be “The lumberjack song”… :-) Regarding Red Bull’s (or is it Renault’s) pace – I read somewhere (I think it was Andrew Frankel at, but I’m not 100%) that Renault had run done extensive dyno runs with the engine in the period before China, with perfect reliability. But when the engine gets in the car, it gets fragile and somehow loses 40bhp… so is… Read more »


Hat tip correction – it was Mark Hughes who wrote about the Renault engine reliability and power issues (

“Renault had brought no major changes to the motor since Malaysia and it had completed a reliable 4,000km on the dyno. But for some reason not yet understood the problems occur when it’s installed in the car – when it also loses 40bhp.”