Podcast #417- Bahrain GP review

Join Paul and me for the Bahrain GP review. We cover each team and driver just as it should be. We even have a few awards.

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Paul KieferJr

….and a quick 13 points puts me ahead of that tie.


As it’s Barcelona next, maybe I should follow Todd’s advice and pick Maldonado for the win?


I have a reply to your “Mclaren fans are disappointed/fair weather” comment: As a mclaren fan i think they are overall the best team on the grid, i dont think its even a question, and while one can accept not having the best car yearly, or even a year in the midfield, multiple engine failures per weekend (not ICE necessarily i know) is not acceptable. If ferrari was fighting it out with marussia, i think NC would be losing his mind. The “super bad alonso years” you just got done suffering through werent as bad as you remember, he was… Read more »

Negative Camber

There were lean years in Ferrari’s history my friend. Mid-90’s and even the Alonso years were tough to take. In fairness, some folks aren’t “team” fans, they are driver fans. Others are the exact opposite. I am actually both. I like many drivers and many teams. Some more than others for various reasons but I thought it was funny to be laughed at by ardent Macca fans for my positive attitude toward them this year. :)


Through the whole of the 1990’s, the lowest point was a couple of fourth places in the constructor’s championship (1992 – 2 podiums & 93 – 3 podiums). The longest run the team had without scoring points was three races (and back then you needed to be in the top six to score points). I think it is fair to say that McLaren are in a worse place now than Ferrari were then.


PS NegativeCamber every time i disagree with you i like to remind you that you and your site are the absolute best and i havent missed a podcast since 2008. Hows THAT for some decorum and civility? ;)

Started watching f1 actually at the 2007 Chinese GP, and 2008 was my first season. Gee, i wonder why i’m a mclaren fan? :)

Negative Camber

You’re too kind. Thanks for the compliment. You are the celebrity for suffering through our podcasts for so long. :)


The BBC interviewed James Allison post race, and asked if they should have brought Raikkonen in a couple of laps earlier for his final stop. He said that Ferrari’s computer models of tyre degradation showed that he stopped at the optimum time, he still did 17 laps on the option tyre in the final stint. Perhaps it would have degraded very fast on the following laps,or the driver wouldn’t have been able to push as hard to ensure he got to the end of the race? The team (and driver) should be applauded for not only trying something different, but… Read more »

The drivers seat

Well with a 4 second loss in those 2 laps the over lap would have put him ahead of Lewis with 2 laps left (as long as Lewis waved him by of course) I think he had at least 2 laps of at least equal pace

Paul KieferJr

1. Glitch, just to let you know. Your site merged this article with the “Bahrain GP Staff Picks” results. 2. I saw some improvement from Rosberg: He actually got some guts and started attacking when it was necessary and actually got some success out of that. Too bad that brake-by-wire issue cropped up, but it was an improved race for him. 3. It definitely wasn’t like Vettel to make those kinds of mistakes, let alone three of them. Something had to be going on in his head. 4. I see the Williams as not quite having the pace that I… Read more »


I’d say Mercedes might be a donkey if counting only Nico. To give it to them is harsh being that they both still got podium finishes, don’t you think?

Paul KieferJr

While that might be true, there was that brake-by-wire issue. Had that not cropped up, Rosberg might have been able to retain second instead of going wide and losing a place to Raikkonen. That falls squarely on the shoulders of Merc’s engineers, so that’s why I say they have their share of Donkey this time around.

Daniel Johnson

I’m much more a Ferrari fan than McLearn, but I agree with NC. In sports it’s always fun to watch someone rise up from bottom to top. I also have enjoyed the implosion to start the year. Also how could you not at least mention Seb’s assist on Kimi’s opening pass on Nico. That was a wonderful bit of team driving, it also set the tone early in the race that they were taking the fight to the Mercs. I’d also like to second the comments Paul had about Kimi’s racecraft. Why it really stands out is how hard it… Read more »


Hey Todd, I’ve no idea how much time and effort go into moving the entire F1b web presence from one service provider to another, I’m guessing it is a lot.
I hope that has been successful and that your wonderful creation will be back to its usual pole and race winning form.