Podcast #418

A landmark podcast in which we reveal the new name of the formerly-known-as Michael Schumacher Fashion award.

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We cover Ferrari and Kimi, Williams and their bank account, Maldonado’s balls, Schumacher’s win, Renault new critics and much more.

Fashion award winner:

Hamilton Lewis underwear

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New Rule: Uncle Bernie should stop flip-flopping and stick with V6 turbo engine already.


First off, major props on performing the host change – that’s quite a lot of work, and not something one does during a coffee break :-) On the subject of bug reports, the site still presents an old version of the front page. It seems to be related to the cookies, as I see the front page that was current when the cookie was saved, and the only way to see the up-to-date version is to clear the cookies (running 64-bit Chrome on OSX). Also, the iTunes feed seems broken – it won’t update, and when I tried deleting the… Read more »


I use Stitcher instead the iOS app as the delay thing happens with most of the podcasts I subscribe to.


Psh switching hosts is easy! Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V! Boom website transferred! ;)


The podcasts on iTunes are working again :-)

“Psh switching hosts is easy! Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V! Boom website transferred! ;)” I’m sure Todd will agree 100% on that :-D

Negative Camber

Great. I discovered that the system was caching the podcast RSS feed. Think I fixed that. :) Yeah, it was a little more complicated than cut-n-paste. :)


All this talk of male wedding tackle makes me nostalgic for the front ends of the 2014 cars.


Formula One is my favorite form of motorsport, and of sport. But during these breaks in the action, one strays. And as I watched another series on the DVR this weekend I thought – what if you could do everything, aboslutely EVERYTHING all the critics and supporters of F1 want all at once? What if the vehicles were ‘beasts’, what if the sound were better, and the action more exciting without resorting to gimicks? What if there were genuine overtaking? What if somehow it was simultaneously more more more of everything, and also less environmentally burdensome, and easier to fill… Read more »

Negative Camber

Well, I really like MotoGP and the return of Rossi has been fun to watch. I must admit that I really like WEC too and both series are producing what he “pinnacle of motorsports” is struggling to get. Due to the amount of money in F1, it should reclassify itself as “the pinnacle of motorsports politics”. Mr. E is right, it needs a benevolent dictator just like NASCAR has and Indycar and WEC and MotoGP.


The irony of Mr. E’s point, I think, is that it currently HAS a dictator, he’s just not benevolent.

Negative Camber

Truth be known, he’s not a dictator. The sport is bifurcated in its ownership and governance and that’s part of the problem.


I think you know an awful lot more about it than I do so I’ll retract my snappy comment and take your word.


Please upload the mp3 of the lewis hamilton song, OR better still make it a video on youtube. :)

Negative Camber

I wouldn’t dare deny you all the brilliance that is the Lewis Hamilton song. The guy has guts for posting such an unforgettable song:


*adds that to the “songs to remix” list*


So has this replaced the chain as you mobile (cell) phone ringtone?


NC, i love the new lewis fashion award and support a movement of re-naming the awards with current-ish drivers. Makes it more fun for newer viewers and is just clever.

I suggest “The Mark webber pass of the race award” and “The Pastor Maldonado Donkey of the race award”. Makes it sound more european somehow :) There could be an argument for “The Felipe massa donkey award” because although he is a far better driver, we expected more of him when he made his mistakes, he had more to lose.


Love the Lewis picture above. I mentioned the aero effect on Indy as we experienced it in F1 some years ago. See Tom Firth’s race report from last week. Great pod as always, especially getting it out during the conversion. I know how difficult that is and I don’t even have much stuff on my site. Your comments and references are getting me into WEC. I just found the Silverstone race from a couple weekends ago and am going to watch after work. I’m always up for some quality racing. Then again, I’m up for any racing. My late new… Read more »


I’m going to miss the Michael Schumacher Fashion Award era, if just for the music. It was a hot day last fall, and I was sitting at a red light with my windows down, podcast playing over my car’s ample stereo. As a lady to my left started to walk through the crosswalk, the MSFA music started up (the most recent variant, with the engine noises). Lady startled at the sound, and as she walked by, I calmly yelled, “It’s okay! It’s just fashion!”

Daniel Johnson

Something that bothers me is how we think the Williams chassis is good. By all accounts they realized they had an amazing power unit and just minimized the drag to accentuate their strength. One off season later they’re down to third because the merc lump is still that much faster than anything, but put an equal lump in the back? I think they maybe farther back than we’d like to admit.


Although Williams have identical hardware to Mercedes as far as the power unit is concerned, what they don’t have access to is the control software to determine how the ERS is used. That may go some way to explaining why they appear to be down on power compared to the works team, but certainly last season were more efficient.


D’Addario strings have not failed me… its about consistency and packing. There is an episode of “How Its Made” that goes into incredible detail of how they are made ( I’m still working through a bulk box of 50 sets I bought 5 years ago during one of Guitar Center’s after holiday sales (I think I paid about $120) …although I do like Elixirs NanoWebs on guitars I don’t play very often like my acoustics, because they tend to last much longer on the instruments. “Get back to the show!” Great podcast once again. You should call the Hamilton photo,… Read more »

Negative Camber

I sued those for years along with Dean Markley and GHS. then Ernie Ball. I switched to DR’s because they were incredible back in early 90’s. They’ve been a little dodgy lately. Just got my first set of Rotosound in and strung my custom shop strat tonight. Jury is out but I’ve only played them for about 45 min. Don’t seem quite as bright or quite the same energy as DR but they do stretch out very quickly and they seem to be less forgiving if that makes sense. Perhaps more refined in their approach. Keeping an eye on the.… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

1. So, Grace is “Kung-fu Fighting”? I didn’t even know that Grace had a black-belt in anything. 2. That’s okay. All I talk about is baseball, football, hockey, basketball, racing, playing games at a nerd level, driving here, driving there, issues of the day, moral attitudes, etc., etc., etc. Boring stuff, really. :-D 3. Yep, I’m still here, I’m still alive, the website’s still alive, all’s right with the world. 4. I haven’t seen anything to suggest that Button’s upset about something, though he might have every right to be ticked off at the moment. 5. Ehhhhhhh….might have been a… Read more »


I was wondering how long it took for the focus to switch to Lewis, given his fashion is quite unique.
Just wanted to drop a line and thank NC/Grace for the podcasts. Keep em up


It’s a bit late, cuz I just listened to the podcast, but I think I at least deserve an honorable mention for Post of the Week. Nothing against Daniel Johnson, but I posted the same thing a day earlier… AND I had a WarGames reference in mine… just sayin’.

Negative Camber

Ooooh…a war games reference? I missed that. That is honorable mention my friend. :) Things are getting weak in our research department around here. Huxley needs to pick it up. Hell, I’d piss on a spark plug if I thought it’d do any good.