Podcast #419

Join Grace and me as we discuss Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari, Bottas taking Kimi’s place at Ferrari, Jean Todt’s incredible job at the UN, French Revolutions and much more.

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Hamilton Lewis boxing 2015

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Great stuff as always guys. Formula 1 quality at formula 4 prices. The one thing I felt like I wanted to point out is with regard to Chewbacca and his lack of grey hair.

Being a big star wars nerd I can explain , wookees can live for hundreds of years, and as such a few decades for him is like a few months for Han “decard” solo. If you recall the prequels at all (nobody blames you if not) he is old friends with another multicenturian, a certain jedi master yoda.

Negative Camber

Got ya. Seems legit. I’ed rather see an older, wiser Chewie but that’s just me because I dislike the rampant ageism this culture seems fine with these days. :)


Everyone is most vocal about the kind of discrimination that affects their social group most, so its both understandable and a public service to keep it part of the discussion. Thats how social justice happens. In modern racing i think it could be a hair misguided, We’re over a decade into moneyball personell management, or if “old” drivers are drummed out by their mid 30s i’d assume first that it was because a battery of statisticians have absolutely tons of excel spreadsheets and line graphs and they can detect a slight statistical reduction over time, do that for a few… Read more »

Negative Camber

In Chewies case, it’s clearly ageism. No respect for old wookies. :) As for drivers, well we know old guys can’t win. ;) Not like Fangio but then he wasn’t on a spreadsheet.


Perhaps the skillset back then (big soft rolly cars, shitty brakes, tires made of hopes and dreams) was more based on ‘seat of the pants’ grip control, weight transfer and mechanical sympathy, all skills i’d expect to improve with age. Lots of old pilots and driver back then. Maybe today its all about eyesight, mental quickness and reaction time, things that are known to degrade rapidly in some people as they age. I’ve often heard you use fangio as an example, and wonder myself if he would be any good in modern f1 at all, all other things being equal.… Read more »

Negative Camber

Agreed. Certain occupations certainly lend themselves to youth. No doubt about that. Thankfully writing about F1 does not and I offer Nigel Roebuck as proof positive that skill and age trump many things in the world of F1 journalism. :)

Paul KieferJr

What, exactly, would an old Wookie be like outside of a few grey hairs?


Probably tinsey bit racist.

“What you can’t say nerfherder any more? Back in my day you could!”


With Todd drinking H2O it does begin to explain Red Bull’s loss of form this season. They must have lost a significant revenue stream.


Bernie has been doing the hard of hearing thing to the smaller teams for years.


Junipero Mariano

I guess Lotus must’ve cut back on driver coaching for Maldonado.


I think the best thing that ever happened for cost control in Formula One is McLaren. I keep hearing about ways to allow teams with smaller budgets to achieve better results, but having a team with half the employees and dollars in all of F1 finish last when they finish at all has got to be an even better advertisement for smart spending. I appreciate NC’s calm support of the efforts at McLaren, that’s a good spirit, but the following question is inescapable. McLaren had only one real success to claim the past two seasons – they were using the… Read more »

David White

I know it might get old giving the LHFA to Lewis every time, but if you haven’t seen his latest on Instagram from Central Park you should take a gander.


Oh dear!
Does anyone else think that Lewis has heard about the LHFA and, being the competitive F! driver he is, has upped his ‘bad fashion’ game to win this every week?


As a British expat living in Las Vegas, I suffer more than most when driving around roundabouts.
They are still not that common in the US, but in Summerlin LV there are lots of them, and most Americans really have no idea of what you are supposed to do.

So here’s my tip for navigating a roundabout in the USA.
As you approach the traffic circle, just imagine Pastor Maldanado is driving every other car you can see, that way you can keep a safe distance and always expect the other driver to do something utterly stupid.

Negative Camber

I you are in Clark County, stop by the Parks & Rec and say hello to my very dear friend Jack Click. He’s awesome!! They should make Jack mayor of that town.


It’s a good job they haven’t introduced these roundabouts yet:


What’s wrong with multiple engine sizes? It worked just fine for Clark, Brabham, Surtees, Hill, Hill and all… this so-called “tight competition” is actually same old, same old. Lotus used to kick BRM’s ass on some circuits like Monaco, Ferrari kicked theirs at Monza, and so on. That’s what made innovation and a thrilling season, and damn good drivers not pilots.


I don’t think there is a problem with engine size, rather the format. They moved toward an efficiency mode (even made commercials about being more green and still going fast) and welcoming open formats could mean traditional ICE-only layouts beating them would be contradictory.

Paul KieferJr

1. I guess I’ll go be Han Solo for a while. 2. Yes, I saw “Mad Max”, “The Road Warrior”, “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome”, and I did the Car Wars tabletop game. Another part of my early nerdiness. 3. Y’know, that’s a real popular name, “That Lady….” 4. So, you’re thinking that Mercedes believes that Hamilton is easy pickings? 5. Y’know, I shook up a “Magic 8-Ball” for the question “Is Hamilton going to Ferrari” It came up “Doubtful”. The worse part of it was that I knew that was going to be the answer already. Why would Lewis go… Read more »

Tom Firth

The question about why no americans in MotoGP, I can maybe help with a response for that. As you are aware, though others may not be, in the USA, AMA (American Motorcycle Association) has for many years controlled american domestic motorcycle racing, with its premier class being AMA Superbike (Pro racing) and through that, since the 1970’s it has transferred American Motorcycle racing talent from the premier national series through to the world stage, in the same way, British Superbikes has etc etc. It’s champions list included Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Nicky Hayden, Ben Spies etc, and the series propelled… Read more »