Podcast #424- Canadian GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula1 Canadian Grand Prix. We cover each team as they finished, discuss qualifying and share our awards for the race. We chat about Ferrari’s new engine, McLaren’s new engine woes, Red Bull’s…well, woes and much more. We even discuss Maldonado’s terrific drive and the “power circuit”.

Neither podcaster was coached over the radio during the making of this podcast. 

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I disagree about the coverage. I had my fill of randoms from the crowd and girlfriends and celebs in the pits by lap 12.

Mr. Obvious

Have to admit I was wondering about the TV coverage as well. What’s with all the “Battle for 12th” nonsense when timing & scoring is showing the gap between Lewis and Nico winding down to a second (and briefly even less than a second)? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting they should have spent the entire race watching the Mercs paddy cake up front, but they definitely should have checked in every few minutes.


Lotus will have to replicate at Monza to prove Low Downforce efficiency. Can you test engines before using tokens or do you have to use the token prior to development? Vettel was doing well in practice but engine lacked power. Why don’t teams get in a lap early to give them time to sort any problems? This may not have been effective with Vettel, but it happens all the time. Nico is clearly the number two driver, determined not by LH’s contract, but telling him to push. It was a different approach in Canada than it was with Hamilton in… Read more »


So assuming there are two 90 degree turns in the chicane, and you said the rotation should be finished at the end of the first third, that would mean that 60 degrees into the first turn, one should be facing the other turn. This made sense until I drew it. That would leave 120 degrees to turn on the exitand the car pointed 60 degrees across the other corner. It seems to me that the car should be rotated the other way (as you stated the pendulum swinging the other direction) to have a better straight line exit. This also… Read more »


I kinda figured it out. The degrees aren’t to be added despite two 90 degree ell curves. Much of the angles are eliminated because the car isn’t fully turning to the right before going back to the left!

Paul KieferJr

1. Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you. 2. YAMD (Yet Another Mercedes Domination) 3. So, are you saying that Rosberg’s got no guts? 4. That’s right, the sign’s worth 40 points. 5. That’s a slip on Mercedes part with regards to Hamilton. 6. Playing Mr. Jaded here, I’m wondering if any anti-Mercedes or anti-Hamilton fans made a call to the FIA about that radio transmission (please note: I don’t fall into either of those categories). 7. A much better result for Williams, I’m guessing that their improvements helped. 8. Well, where did you think all the real… Read more »

The Captain

Is it sad that when Paul started talking about how to drive the chicane I pulled into a mall parking lot and started practicing rotating my car through an imaginary chicane until the security guy showed up and started to give me the eye?

Negative Camber

love it.


bring back Rolling Speed