Podcast #425

It’s a truncated show, admittedly, but a show nonetheless. Trying to do the show from Chicago had its complexities to day the least. however, I do hope you enjoy what Grace and I were able to pull together.

Fashion award winner? Just check Lewis’s FB or Twitter feed. :)

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Why does VW have two manufacturers in the championship?RB has been running two teams for how long? Wouldn’t it have been a better idea (Team Hindsight United) for them to have started developing their PUs at the change of the regulations? Granted, going back to 2010 it was not reasonable because they won four championships in a row, but surely they could have given it a go to become a manufacturer. Or because they are telegraphing, why not discontinue one team, build engines for 2017, and compete as a true manufacturer? It would be best in my opinion to have… Read more »

Junipero Mariano

Canada really highlighted the extreme conservation going on in F1. If some teams want to make baby steps towards improving the racing, wouldn’t allowing better tires and more fuel give the most return on investment?

P.S. I really enjoyed last year’s Le Mans podcast with Todd and Paul. Is there another coming down the line for this year, like an FBC Downshift? There definitely are other motorsport podcasts out there, but hey, FBC is my comfort zone.

Paul KieferJr

1. Not to self: Work in “I Can’t Drive 55” somewhere along the way. 2. this now proves that Hulkenberg is proficient in multiple disciplines. Can we create a team in F1 for him? 3. Memo to MotoGP: Go home, you’re drunk. 4. They’re mostly telling F1 “You’re nobody without us, and you will disappear when we leave.” Mind you, that’s a lot of BS since there’s still Honda, Ferrari and Mercedes engines available. 5. Value? what value? You build an engine that probably wouldn’t pass a safety inspection in Texas, so I find it hard to believe that it… Read more »