Podcast #426- Austrian GP review

Join Doug and me as we review the Austrian Grand Prix. The Professor and I cover each team as they finished and share our thoughts on the race. We chat about Nico’s pass, Lewis’s clutch issue and Ferrari’s mishap.

Intro audio- Colin Chapman / Outro audio- Enzo Ferrari

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Paul KieferJr

1. Welcome to the podcast, Doug….and my “pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey” style responses. 2. I agree, the penalties were way over the top. Maybe we should start using assessing time penalties instead…say, 1 second for each for each spot lost on the grid? 3. I think I found a chink in Hamilton’s armor: If he’s in front, he’s good. If something goes wrong, however, he gets flustered and loses, then is down in the mouth thereafter while plotting revenge. 4. That was a pure racing incident. I don’t think Raikkonen did anything but simply loose control momentarily. 5. The closed cockpit debate isn’t… Read more »

Andreas Möller

On the subject of penalties, I too agree that it is getting silly. However, let’s not forget that they did it this way because there were complaints last year of some of the back runners being able to change gearboxes etc effectively without any penalty (since they already were at the back). So simply saying that if someone can’t serve the full grid penalty we should just send them to the back and be done with it, won’t work. The problem isn’t that they decided to add race penalties to make up for any grid penalties that couldn’t be served… Read more »

Andreas Möller

Oh, and on the subject of web hosts and whether the site functions as it should, I’d say it mostly runs quite smoothly these days. My only niggle is that there’s still something up with the cookies. Every time I visit the site, I’m shown an old version of the front page, which seems to be related to when the cookie was saved. Sometimes reloading the page helps, but most often the only thing that helps is to manually delete the cookies – then I get to see the current front page. Of course, then that page is the one… Read more »


Christian Horner should listen to the Colin Chapman audio, that’s how to motivate team sponsors and suppliers. The penalties were changed this year (with times added to pit stops or drive through) to prevent penalties given in one race being served in the following event. If that rule still applied this season, McLaren would start on the back row every race. As to the drop in attendance, some have reported that it was so high last year because it was a holiday weekend, while this year the holiday was earlier in June. If Grace has a new car it must… Read more »


I was expecting to miss the usual gang, but found Doug to be an insightful and eloquent stand-in.

On the engine debate – you’ve got to think it will improve with time. The Renault seems more reliable than it was a year ago. The Honda too is getting better. I reckon by next year penalties will be fewer and further between. Having said that, docking constructor points might have been a neater solution.

I think Grace has bought a P1 with her F1B/FBC podcast royalties dating back to episode 1.

Negative Camber

Thanks for compliment, Doug is a terrific guy and great photog as well. Glad you enjoyed his participation.

Ian Robinson

I agree, please bring Doug on more often? would be a good mix with Paul and Fake Charlie.

Jamie Thomson

I enjoyed the podcast, as always. I really enjoyed this race: it wasn’t the most nail-biting and Ferrari did disappoint in not challenging the Mercs, but there were some fun battles. It’s certainly a beautiful circuit. I was very impressed with the pace that Force India showed in their 2014 car, especially Nico Hulkenberg, who was my drive of the race. I’m really happy to see him do so well on the back of his Le Mans win. As a big Kimi fan, I really hope that he manages to up his game and hold onto his seat next year.… Read more »