Podcast #428- British GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the British Grand Prix. We discuss each team as they finished, share our thoughts on their performance and even hand out awards.

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For me,the key pass of the race was Hamilton on Perez as he came out of his first pit stop. Had he been trapped behind, even for a few corners, he may not have been able to pass the Williams pair.
Donkey I would give to Sainz, for letting the car stop in a position that put marshals in danger and forced the virtual safety car.
Drive I’d give to Hulkenberg, for a better start than even the Williams pair, and finishing ahead of his start position despite waiting too long for intermediate tyres.

Paul KieferJr

1. I personally think that Ferrari’s starting to lose their edge. 2. I’d like to see the teams make their ultimate statement in the qualifying rounds. 3. I was amazed that Hamilton was able to keep his cool and finally make the undercut work, and then time that switch to inters perfectly. 4. I’m starting to wonder about Raikkonen. Howver, I think that Ferrari as a whole is losing its edge. I’m hoping thte upgrades will create some improvements. 5. That pass at the start was brilliant, but I’m pretty sure that Williams could have had better if they let… Read more »

Junipero Mariano

For all the discussion over whether Williams made the right calls, I haven’t noticed more talking about whether Bottas should replace Raikkonen.

Negative Camber

If it were me, and it clearly isn’t, I would take Hulk over Bottas. Less expensive option and Veltteri hasn’t proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can beat the guy Ferrari dumped (Massa).

Junipero Mariano

I think it has been partly the injury at the beginning of the year for Bottas and partly that Massa has improved this year.

Robert Ranson

Regarding the jockey on the podium, it was Frankie Dettori, someone who has won me plenty of money over the years.

Chuck C

2 things:
1) You never gave your drive of the race, Todd.
2) We just had a woman do the podium interviews two months ago — Maria Serrat at the Spanish Grand Prix — how quickly we forget, eh? ;) )

Negative Camber

I did, Kvyat was my drive of the race. As for female presenter, I totally forgot. Guess it wasn’t a very memorable experience for me. :)

Chuck C

Hmmm … not doubting you, but how did I miss it? Gonna have to listen to the last few minutes again.

Graeme Fuller

I didn’t see the race, so cannot comment specifically but here is my 20 cents worth. 1. I am starting to think that the “Internationals” point about the Australian GP being the highlight of their year as almost Nostradamus like!! 2. Kimi, Hmmmm he can drive but what is going on behind the scenes?? 3. Is it me or has their been a quiet silly season??? 4. Has an alien taken over Pastor Maldonardo?? his last few drives yielding more points than the rest of his career and he is not crashing!!! 5. RBR, maybe they should have stuck with… Read more »