Podcast #429

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We chat about Honda, 21 races, bite points, Button’s last season, Haas F1 as a constructor and much more…including Carmen Jorda.

Fashion award winner here.

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Paul KieferJr

1. So, how long do you think Merhi will stay in Formula 1 given the incident he caused in FR 3.5? 2.In Texas, you must come to a stop before making the right turn at the red light. That be the law. 3. It doesn’t help when 150,000 people invade the city. 4. In Texas, we consider having a car and the roads to drive it on our God Given Right (never mind the fact that we seem to behave like paranoid psychopathic homicidal maniacs when we have a gun). 5. Well, he is a long in the tooth. 6.… Read more »

Manuel G.

What’s the name of the grace intro song this podcast?

Negative Camber

Only a memory by the Smithereens.

Junipero Mariano

You think Wimbledon can stop Lewis Hamilton? Hell no! Lewis Hamilton just advances in the opposite direction! To the Hospitality Lounge!

What if, for Pass of the Race, you played some Joe Pass? (ba dum bum)

Andreas Möller

Re the Mehri crash and ban: It’s very simple. You do NOT slow to almost a standstill, weave around or do any other finish line antics when people immediately behind you are racing for position. You just don’t. I hear some (including Mehri himself) are arguing that the penalty was too severe, as he was off to the side while the racing line is on the other side of the track. To me, when slipstreaming to the finish line, there is no such thing as a clearly defined racing line. Yes, a faster car is obliged to avoid running into… Read more »


“Two men enter, one man leaves” sounds like a passing attempt by Pastor Maldonado.


Here in Portland, OR, and in California, we can only make a right hand turn at an intersection with a stop sign or light if there is a sign permitting us to do so. In neighborhoods or unmarked intersections, we can always turn without stopping. What is strange is that we cannot make a U-turn unless expressly permitted to do so. The drivers up here stop for anything in the road, don’t fill both lanes to merge, and driver frustratingly slowly. Probably not the worst in the country, but definitely overly cautious. “Passing Me By” by The Pharcyde. Or maybe… Read more »

Matthew Fearon

Speaking of talented female race drivers, check out Sophia Floersch. She’s currently 3rd in the Ginetta Junior Championship. Saw a race a few weeks ago where she was absolutely giving it 100%, lots of talent. It’s interesting because, being that Ginetta Junior is a support race series for BTCC, every time she is interviewed, they ask her “so, BTCC is your goal yeah?” and she always says that F1 is actually where she want’s to end up.


Love that support class – they are all competitive and ‘at it’ 100% yet (being little more than kids) very straightforward about it afterwards

Tom Firth

Sophia is doing very well, Wouldn’t be all that surprised to see her jump to MSA Formula next year, or ADAC F4, if that is the direction she wants to take.


Great show Todd and Grace! I cant say i’m sure about the new song at all, but as a old school grace fanboy having these weeks off has had one silver lining on this bernie-induced german cloud. NC, please consider putting her on the occasional race podcast again.

Negative Camber

I’m not keeping the song, that was just me playing a few notes in a downbeat format to poke fun at Paul. :) Also a good excuse to play my strat more than I do. :)


You’re keeping the ‘Mad Max’ piece for pass of the race, aren’t you Todd? The fact Paul doesn’t get it is all the evidence you need that you have picked the perfect intro. Now is there any chance of an updated F1B intro theme? Please keep the music, its great, but if we could have new(er) driver comms spliced in – the imortal “Fernando is faster than you”, “leave me alone, I know what I’m doing”, the “multi 21” sequence (and rival Mercedes hold station lines from Ross Brawn). There must be many many more. I don’t know if others… Read more »

Tom Firth

I got a chance to listen to the podcast earlier, know I’m a few days late. Glad Grace got a chance to watch BTCC. I’m assuming it was Croft that was aired, therefore I’m not entirely certain which BMW it was, as all three had a great weekend at Croft. It was either Sam Tordoff, Rob Collard or “Three Times World Touring Car champion Andy Priaulx” (as ITV always introduce him) If it was Orange with IHG rewards on it, it was Priaulx. By the way, for those interested, who aren’t aware those BMW’s are run by former multiple championship… Read more »

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

As an aspiring guitar player, I love the new pass of the race music. Sounds great!