Podcast #431- Hungarian GP review

Join Paul, Grace and me as we review the Hungarian Grand Prix. We talk about each team as they finished and covered such riveting things as Nico’s missed opportunity, Lewis’s tattoo, Vettel’s win (sort of, mostly about Kimi’s race), Red Bull’s other driver, Falafel Massa, the cauldron of fire, and much more.

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Paul, leave the Kimi doll alone, he knows what you’re doing.

The International

I know, creepy

Matthew Fearon

Nice to have Grace on the race review!


“Grace on the race” … good name for a twitter feature. Like “Rather xyz race but loved the tussles between x and y as well as c and d. Great drive by ~~~. *** was hilarious as always. 6 out of 10.”


It was fun to sit in with Todd and Paul and review a very entertaining race. Thanks for listening and for providing feedback and discussion. We say it all the time but that’s because we really mean it – we do this for the listeners so keep on listening!


Grace is going to make me stop listening.. that voice frequency.. killer




Well that’s a new one – I’ll see if we can do anything on the back end but I can’t really change how my voice sounds. Maybe I’ll add some vocal frys just to keep it interesting :)

Thomas Huckstep

My only dislike of Grace’s appearance on the podcast is the relative volume of her voice being quite a bit higher than that of the other podcast participants. Grace, your passion and humor bring much to the show! Just need to turn the volume down one notch.


I can’t believe pass of the race went to a pass that failed! It ended in a 50/50 collision and almost ruined 2 drivers races! I am surprised that counts as a worthy pass of the race. I know many (me included) think blame for the collision goes to Rosberg but as FCW often says, the stewards have all the data and they believed both drivers to be equally at fault and we should accept that. Surely pass of the race should go for a move that was completed without collision! Anyway. Love the podcast and great to see Paul… Read more »

The International

the pass was valid and a very difficult one, I hold responsibility completely on Nico, don’t really care about the stewards, they certainly aren’t immune to mistakes. as a driver that pass was a heart in your throat move and if it weren’t for The Nico chop it would sent Daniel on his way


Thanks for spending the time to clarify your stance Paul. I highly respect your judgement and opinion.


The fact that the stewards took no action doesn’t imply that both were at fault. It may simply mean that Nico’s ‘fault’ was not worthy of punishment, or not deemed to be against the rules. Not that they Stewards are consistent. Maldonado I feel deserved his penalty, because he could have avoided the collision — Pastor isn’t skilled enough to beat other divers on merit, so he tries to muscle his way in and out of situations. In this case he simply didn’t give any racing room when he could have. But Hamilton out-braked himself trying to defend — a… Read more »


I was with you on the Hamilton assessment. He had the inside line enough to make it equal competition in the corner, and simply outbreaked himself. In this case, I don’t think they took the consequences into account because his wing was damaged (meaning he effectively penalized himself in the collision).

Paul KieferJr

1. My fault, I should have filled the podcast void with something. 2. It was a wild and wooly race there in Hungary. I guess we don’t need the land mines to spice up the show after all. 3. It was a bit of a broiler out there. 4. I heard that the curbs there will really punish a car. 5. Well, if nothing else, there’s now two drivers that pushed a car. 6. Not a dry eye was found on that track. 7. ..and now Ferrari has two wins. Who here thinks they’ll win another one? 8. If it… Read more »