Podcast #443

Join Grace and me as we discuss the news of the week. We talk about McLaren, Kevin Magnussen, Red Bull, F1 engine regulation changes for 2016, Ecclestone & Mosley interview and much more.

Fashion award winner…Russian GP podium hat. Enough said.

Hamilton Russian GP podium win

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Let’s have a look which conglomerate owns the following engines: Audi, VW, Lamborghini, Porshe, Bugatti (Volkswagen) – not in F1 since their last appearances Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Chrysler (Fiat Group) Cooper, BMW (BMW) – not in F1 since their last appearances Mercedes, Aston Martin (Daimler AG) So if you have parent companies of those engine suppliers dictate which teams get which engine, and Uncle Bernie keep pricing out the Toyotas, Jaguars, Volvos, Chevrolet (GMs), Mazdas, Cosworths, and Mitsubishis like no tomorrow, who really want to compete with F1 anymore with all those ridiculous restrictions in out-innovating each other? As… Read more »


Just when I thought it was making sense the Beltway Mentality raises it’s ugly head: “Punish them for being successful”.

peter riva

Something has been bothering me about the ZDF interview… Bernie and Max seemed almost blasé about the ills of F1. Their words were of impending doom and disaster but they didn’t seem to be passionate, or really care. Am I missing something?


Negative Camber

I just posted a story about it. I think they were making a very direct message to the FIA. The guy who wrote many of the regulations that Todt works under was offering advice. :)

peter riva

Hey, if you put a link to iTunes (yech) then maybe we’d post a good review… but go there, sign in ten times, search…? Nope.

Negative Camber

I put those notes on your desk!

I’ve had enough abuse, I’m going to HR.

Negative Camber

careful Hux, if you can’t get the right notes, We’ll have Atticus (the other intern) handle it for you. We have options…so called. ;)

Paul KieferJr

Hi! Let’s talk “hostile working environment”. :-D

Paul KieferJr

1. I’ll be right here. 2. …..and how many tracks actually have hills? ;-) 3. Thank you, Captain Obvious. 4. Yet he won’t sound anything like Jackie Stewart….not that it matters any. 5. ….but will Rossi be able to handle the crowds? 6. Everyone who thinks that Rosberg will beat Hamilton this race, raise your hands. >crickets< 7. Now, that Williams battle will be something to watch. 8. I dunno…do we want to watch Red Bull fall apart? 9. That's right, the Machiavellian machine is working once again. 10. Kinda like this fantasy league I'm in: You can limit yourself… Read more »


Elevation changes are the best! Baku is supposed to have a section with a fairly steep descent, right?


433? or 443?


Have a look at my thread from Melbourne a couple years ago: that was about a week out from the race. It sounds like Mexico have it well in hand when part of the Albert Park track has cars parked all across it pretty close to the event.