Podcast #433

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We chat about gassing  F1 drivers and their wives, McLaren Honda’s issues, Silly Season for engineers, digging up former champions, and Renault’s ‘big step’.

Fashion winner:


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Gary Shavit

I’m listening to the podcast now. You’re absolutely right about the TV coverage in the States of MotoGP. I watched the American feed of the race at Laguna Seca years ago (CBS, I think, but it was definitely one of the big three). Rossi low-sided and broke his foot peg, but got back on and continued. The “expert commentator” explained to the audience, what a foot peg is and why it’s absence is going to hinder Rossi for the rest of the race. Thanks. But anyone who needs that explanation is not watching.

Matthew Fearon

I wouldn’t say its the worst, but the old Buick Regal ads that went on and on about how they were “German Engineered” really bothered me, lol.

Jason Walley

Oh man, I have nightmares where I’m stuck driving an HHR! Used to end up with them as rentals for a brief time when my wife, then girlfriend, and I lived in different cities. I have nothing nice to say about that car. The gauges and cockpit controls are not even remotely intuitive and the car is butt ugly. I used to complain about them every time I saw one on the ride. The ultimate irony, of course, is now I own a 6 year old Impala—got it from my Grandpa because it seriously couldn’t fit in his garage along… Read more »

Negative Camber

LOL…Well, let’s just say the impala isn’t my kind of gig. Right now, 12 midnight, I sit in a hotel room in Cleveland and I drove from STL in a Ford Fusion. Ford redeemed themselves from my miserable experience last week.

Fusion- Comfortable for 9 hour drive. Easy controls except Sync is miserable for user experience.

What happened to “fast” for windshield wipers? The fastest they would go and it was nowhere fast enough. I have video to prove it!

I give Fusion a 6 on a scale of 10.


As a fellow “road dog” i can say rental cars are the bane of my existence! I for one say a federal law should come into effect where all trunk and fuel door releases are in the same damn spot. Nothing irritates me more than trying to find the the damn fuel door release button after a 8 hr flight across the whole damn country just because some engineer felt they needed to be clever and put the damn button in the glove box.


peter riva

Funniest podcast ever. “no wait, maybe not, maybe Baku…” Great.

Paul KieferJr

1. We all take our lives into our hands getting out of bed (and probably while in bed), but I can definitelyely say that I do not envy riding a motorcycle. 2. I can app-reciate throwing excitement and encouragement into broadcasting. However, sooner or later it’s going to sound like reality made the left turn at Albuquerque and wandered fff into “Never-Never Land”. 3. Wait….Leigh Diffy did NASCAR? Since when? I’ve heard the NBC broadcasts of NASCAR. That guy that’s doing the broadcasts ain’t him. 4. Okay, for a moment, I thought I heard “Button’s got gas”, which is not… Read more »

Tom Firth

Leigh is doing a few NASCAR Xfinity races for NBC this year.


I just listened to the podcast yesterday, but the conversation about car ads reminded me of this great little segment:

I’ve always thought that Kate Walsh Caddy ad was cringe-worthy.