Podcast #434

Join Grace and me as we talk about Mad Max, Massa’s contract, technology that is killing Formula 1, bringing back danger in F1, Toto Wolff…a lot, FIA dissing two teams and much more.

Fashion award winner here.

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Junipero Mariano

I’m sure Mercedes’ issue with race starts goes deeper than just saying “they’re not as good at it, so of course they ‘have concerns’ about it” but the fact of the matter is, Ferrari and Williams seem to have found the weak link in their armor. Perhaps the wording of “make F1 more dangerous” is misleading when it comes to track limits. Lots of runoff area is miles safer but has removed any visceral penalty from going all four over the white line. As you guys said, there has got to be a solution to that. But I don’t believe… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

1. I think there’s more than just “paint” needed for the US Capitol. 2. I kinda prefer “Def Leppard” but I can live with this. 3. Gee, Moto GP, an endorsement from an elderly F1 fan. That says a lot. 4. Yes, there’s room for NASCAR. ;-) 5. Cue the circus music. 6. Also known as “Hochenheim”. 7. I dunno; I had a great view from Turn 12. 8. Yes! Sensors and scoring loops to detect when a car goes off the track! That’s the way to do it! Once that’s done, the race director or stewards can see when… Read more »

Manuel Galicia

Speaking of watching sports live and online….I think the Motogp app should be the example for everyone. you get full races and sessions from past seasons, you get full sessions from the current season as well as replays so you can watch it anytime and also a no spoiler mode…..If we could get that in F1, I would pay big bucks for that.

Graeme Fuller

I am only part through the podcast for this week, but a few topics that may be (or not) of interest. 1. With the penalizing of cars if they go wide, off the track, V8 supercars have tried this at Surfers Paradise (similar to the Indy circuit) and still it is an issue every year. Doesn’t mean it cannot be solved, but it proper consideration would be needed. 2. Michelle Mouton vs F1 test driver? Michelle drove rally in the 80’s. think I know where my vote lies 3. Aero as NC, Grace and Paul have said, it can be… Read more »


With new today of the second seat at Ferrari being signed. It seems that Kimi Raikkonen really was on the top of the shortlist to replace Kimi Raikkonen.


Does anyone notice how often Grace says the word “right”? …. Love the pod … just noticed it.