Podcast #435- Belgian GP review

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Join Paul and me as we review the Belgian Grand Prix. We cover each team as they finished and share our views on the performances, woes and debacles of the race. We even hand out a few awards.


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peter riva

Good podcast… my predictions…

Monza? Mercedes 1,2,3 (2 cars + 1engined car – pick one)
Singapore? Red Bull, Mercedes, Mercedes
Japanese? 3x Mercedes
Russian? 3 x Mercedes
US? 3 x Mercedes
Mexican? – next one to watch as it is all new.
Brazilian? 3 x Mercedes
Abu Dhabi? 3 x Mercedes

Gee, and I’m calling Mercedes as championship construtors.

Negative Camber

Bold, Peter. :) No Ferrari wins? :( Well, I am going way out on a limb here and calling the title for Lewis Hamilton. I know, it’s a gutsy move but…


Keep an eye on him, he’ll be a big star one day!

Paul KieferJr

1. How ’bout a compromise? Create a windshield that’s a cross between a car and a motorcycle. Problem solved. 2. On the other side of the coin, to NOT do something is also equally criminal. 3. I can talk about rain given that we just recently had 44 days without it. 4. ……or you’re waking up at 3 or 4 AM all bleary-eyed trying to watch the race. 5. If you get into the nitty-gritty details of anything more than the average person….we just call that “obsessed”….or “no life” (myself included). 6. ….and a badly needed result for Lotus given… Read more »


Man, do you guys listen to the podcast as soon as you wake up lol!

Paul KieferJr

You must be about 6 hours away. ;-)

The Iceman has Melted :(

I’m not so wild about him, and not sure why everyone else is. I see a guy who counts on the people around him not wanting to die, and who stuffs it in there figuring they’ll make allowances. I see him off the track in all three passes, one of which was useless, one of which failed, and all of which depended on the other driver’s better manners. When the other driver hasn’t the chance to slow and allow him to slide past outside the track limits (Grosjean at Monaco) he wads them both then has the arrogance to deny… Read more »


You spoke again the the NBC coverage, and it’s getting old, but I complain as much as you do. I was watching the F1 Show by Sky and noticed that they even have drivers sharing tech information. Thy do this in an entirely separate segment and show instead of forcing montages into the middle of a race. When will they learn? Even NASCAR coverage has loads more information that F1, and they only came off carbs a couple years ago!


Agreed, I love this podcast but it can, let’s be honest, be a teeeensy bit whiny sometimes – except I can’t fault you the opportunity to moan about the NBC coverage. I missed Hungary and had to find a youtube of it which was the Alan McNish/Ted Kravitz spy or whatever coverage and that really clarified how terrible NBC is in comparison. How, How How, can we miss a major event during commercial and hear, upon returning, ‘now that we have some extra time let’s look at how a wing works’ during the middle of the race without ever getting… Read more »


I could have clarified – I no longer bother watching NBC. Every race I watch is delayed (I go into communications silence) for a few hours until an alternative method to watch Sky presents itself.

Negative Camber

I know it gets old, folks but some days are better than others and some days my patience is just worn out. I do whine but it’s because I care. :)


I really like it when, as in this episode, the podcast delves into the technical or strategic reasons for what we’re seeing, such as Paul’s discussion of avoiding curbs in distance races, or that cars set up for low downforce gain less from DRS. After Montreal, when Paul described the line through the chicane, and holding the car tight through the first section then allowing the line and suspension to open up during the second part, that really put me on the track. I think most listeners of the podcast have some track time of some sort, enough to allow… Read more »

Tim C

Curious . . . What has happened to the director of “fake” race control? Has the “fake” Charlie Whiting received to many penalty points this year?

Negative Camber

Mark is CEO of the worldwide web and as such, he’s a busy boy. He had a lot of conflicts trying to make our usual time so he hasn’t been able to be on the show. We’re hoping his schedule will get a little more flexible.

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