Podcast #436

Join Grace and me as we discuss the news of the week. Indycar’s Scott Dixon and his ‘crap’ season, Ferrari’s penchant for blonde hair and blue eyes, McLaren’s Renault-beating engine, Hermanos and the hands of fate, and much more.

Fashion award winner here.

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Paul KieferJr

1……and I’m just drinking Big Red soda. Go figure. 2. This NASCAR guy will be waiting for that report. 3. Grace, don’t they call that a “mute” button? 4. Note to JPM: You don’t have room to talk when you have an accident with three people. See also: Pastor Maldonado. 5. I’m on the short list to replace me…..wait…. 6. You should have a contest to determine what should go on a t-shirt. 7. …and that’s actually good advice. 8. Should I worry about how Grace drives? Maybe. 9. I drive a Chevy Cobalt. Nobody gets out of my way.… Read more »

Louis Jansen

Thanks for the podcast! I enjoy listening to you and Grace on my bicycle ride to work, Great to hear that Grace is having traffic moving aside (I hope to the right?) driving her BMW. Here in Europe cars move from the left lane to the right lane when finishing their passing move. But not so in the US as I have seen on the internet! Unless you drive a european car? In the Netherlands we are very happy with Max Verstappen performing well in F1. Much speculation about his future. It was said in the Dutch press that Italian… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

They do that in Texas (state law).


You’re lucky. Here in Oregon, people tend to use the fast lane to come to a halt.

Daniel Johnson

How I envision the meeting between Ron Dennis and Yasuhisa Arai.

Negative Camber


Paul KieferJr

Get back up again.


Grace summed up Renault/Lotus pretty well. It’s happening to me at the moment but the difference is, if she were going to pay for the majority of my expenses, I’d take her back…

Get in more Speed Racer drops. I have been watching episodes recently.

If NBC can get a NASCAR and put a driver in it around the track, they should try that with F1. F1 may reject NBC but I doubt they would with Sky.