Podcast #439- Singapore GP review

Join Paul and me as we discuss the Singapore Grand Prix. We cover every single team as they finished, share our thoughts on their race including each driver and even have awards to hand out as well as light banter that most everyone hates.

You won’t want to miss the comprehensive review…especially if you are one of those poor commuters who have to drive to work one hour each way.

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Dr T

Haven’t finished listening to the podcast as yet (and as usual it is excellent)…

But sorry to be a pedant – this race wasn’t RBR’s greatest points haul for the year to date – that was Hungary…

Now… off to have an IPA… I’m not falling for that saison-y rubbish

Negative Camber

No, but I think it was their best race of the year collectively given their long-run pace etc.

Paul KieferJr

1. I could give the intro a shot…but I’m not Nick Heidfeld, unfortunately. 2. Half of it was Vettel in the zone. I think the other half was that Ferrari finally brought the engine they needed. 3. Forecast for night time: Dark. 4. Hello! NASCAR fan here….and, yeah, that was an “oops”. 5. Nope, no more Dodges. Rather side. 6. That was a true stomping by Vettel and an excellent run for Raikkonen. Let’s hope they can be consistent with those type of results. 7. That was a surprise result for RBR. Starting to wonder what had changed over there.… Read more »

Mike S

This was and is amazing! The whole reason of complexity and unexpected results in the unrelenting push that F1 is. I love this sport. And speaking of that…in a evening spin class at the gym everyone was talking about the Seahawks, Dancing with the Stars, blah, blah, blah…I said to the class…”a world-class upset just occurred this weekend…Ferrari and Red Bull on the Formula 1 podium in Singapore and Mercedes was not!”….
*crickets ensued* The class was silent…then a girl said, ‘Did anybody see The Bachelor this week’??!!!!
Sigh..there is much work in the USA to be done….

Ian Robinson

Ill have you know not all Essex boys drink Beer constantly, I have Rum too !


T-shirt suggestion, a tribute to NBC

Back says “while we were away”
Front says “if you’re just joining us”

We can send a free one to Leigh Diffy

Louis Jansen

Max Verstappen was Paul’s choice for drive of the race. He also had a good drive today, because he passed his driving licence test.