Podcast #440- Japanese GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the Japanese Grand Prix.We cover every single team as they finished, share our opinions about their race and even talk about the shenanigans and goings on in Formula 1 at the moment. Including Lotus buyout, Red Bull, Mercedes and Manor. We talk about Alexander Rossi and share our thoughts on Lewis Hamilton’s excellent victory.

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Just a comment…Hulk didn’t actually make it to Q3 he was P11 I believe before the penalty


yep. kvyat’s crash and pit lane start promoted hulk to 10th before the penalty

Scott Darin

Its 420 dudes!!!!! Not 440. Other then that, keep up with the great podcast. Love listening to you guys.

The international

That’s what i thought, but who am i to question this kind of reference. I do learn some things in California, 420-440 whatever it takes

Paul KieferJr

Check that pic, Todd. I’m getting the Facebook 404.


I like Paul’s breakdown of the track. Seems like a missing feature in race reports/broadcast. Maybe do that for each track?

That’s as far as I’ve gotten because I have short commute.

Negative Camber

LOL…see, 440 means something special to…special people. So 420 is special for those people who, well, find it special. As a guitar player and guy in many bands in my day, 440 is standard tuning. know what I mean dude? A440 to be exact. As a band member, I’ve played with a few folks who were in the band for reasons other than the music and those reason made it sometime difficult for them to actually tune to 440…I suspect they liked 420 better. :) but I think we’re missing a bigger point and that is the number 440 starts… Read more »

charlie white

I’m a huge Bond fan! a-ha did the the theme song for The Living Daylights and it’s one of my favorite Bond songs. Best Bond girl? That’s a hard one but it’s hard to beat Honor Blackman. I have nothing but love for Quantum of Solice.

Negative Camber

favorite Bond villain?

charlie white

Again, Goldfinger set the standard as did Gerte Frode for favorite villain but honorable mention goes to Yaphet Kotto as Kananga from Live And Let Die-a better Bond movie if it were made 10 years earlier or later originally. And one worthy of a remake much like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Andreas Möller

Great podcast (as usual, I should add)! On the Button/McLaren saga, Mark Hughes speculated on the SkyF1 website, and I must say I find the scenario quite plausible. Basically, he described it as a high stakes poker game, which Jenson won. Here’s the gist of it (again, speculation alert): Jenson’s contract is for two years, with a backloaded pay scheme (£6m for the first year, rising to £12m the second year) and an option for McLaren to cancel the contract on sep 30. So the speculation is that Ron Dennis wanted to exercise that option to renegotiate the contract (presumably… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

1. When did you start believing in conspiracy theories? 2. …but at least Kvyat admitted his mistake. 3. Yet another runaway for Hamilton, but definitely some great passing by Rosberg. 4. I recall that this was the case of Ferrari having grunt but no top end as opposed to Mercedes having top end but no grunt. 5. Good effort by Bottas, just wasn’t enough. Probably the same thing as Ferrari, just a little less. 6. Replay showed that it was Massa tapping a car that tapped Ricciardo’s car, so I can definitely say it was Massa’s fault. 7. So, Massa… Read more »

Adam Seeary

I would like to discuss the Hamilton ‘move’ on turn 2 where he forced Rosberg off the track. I understand that all is fair in racing except for few ‘what if’ options: 1. If the positions were switched and Rosberg was on the inside, and he forced Hamilton off the track, the (especially British) press would have been calling for his head. Yet when Hamilton does it, it is ‘good racing’. it is very frustrating to watch the ‘Hamilton Show’ every second week.. 2. If Rosberg had have held his line, which he is entitled to do, Hamilton would have… Read more »


Agreed Adam Seeary and I for one am tired of Hamilton saying he was getting understeer and couldn’t control his line. Lewis Hamilton is a lot of things but the sort of driver who’s surprised by the limits of adhesion isn’t one.

The International

I agree that Hamiltons “excuse” of understeer was weak. He knows what he’s doing and understeer is easily corrected.

Adam Seeary

I don’t think there is any doubt that Hamilton meant to shut Rosberg out. I thought it is a part of the passing rules that you can’t force an opponent off the track and if you did then you need to give the position back? If Rosberg had of crashed would Hamilton be under investigation for causing an accident?

The International

I would have backed Rosberg too if he had done the same thing, all is not fun in love and racing. Perhaps Nico should have held his line, as we talked about the Senna approach, you have to lose a battle to win a war


Regarding Rosberg’s power unit. His upgraded third PU had an issue during free practice 3 at Monza, so an old unit was fitted for the race (which failed a couple of laps from the end). As the team cannot strip down the engine to check for damage, they ars limiting this third PU to free practice on Fridays. A new fourth PU (also the upgraded specification) was used in both Singapore and Suzuka for the race. The team hopes that by using this PU just on Saturdays and Sundays they will be able to make it last until the end… Read more »

peter riva

“the best french driver”? Nope. Sadly he passed away a year ago. Grosjean will never be an Alonso/Vettel/etc. Sadly.

peter riva

viewing stats… you are welcome.


A prescient job by the podcast in highlighting the nature of the Honda’s issues just recently, you could really see that thing leap out pretty smartly onto the straights &c and just kind of deflate 3/4 the way home. That tidbit of analysis, made in time, really lent to the experience of watching Suzuka and understanding why that car looks perfectly in the hunt at times but finishes (when it does) so far back. Good job. Agreed with the commenter below who wants more track analysis & site-specific car handling insights. Love this. PS Chess not checkers and all that,… Read more »


Could you post a link to the shop with your shirts?


The link is on the front page, but here it is:

The Captain

Soo ahh I just came here to say Madeline Smith from Live and Let Die, but now I’m wondering hell the bloody hell do I get my picture taken with the truck from Damnation Alley too?