Podcast #441

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We chat about Haas F1, McLaren, Force India’s Sergio Perez, the Mexican GP, The Russian GP, The USGP, American drivers at American teams, Ronspeak, EU complaints and much more. Yes, I know who the Toronto Blue Jays are. :)

Fashion award winner here.

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Paul KieferJr

1. If you keep adding races to Formula 1, you become NASCAR. :-D 2. I guess I’m the exception to the rule regarding baseball and boredom. 3. As long as they don’t let Putin near an F1 car, we should be okay. 4. Mathematically may not be an issue, but psychologlically’s a whole different story altogether. 5. Grosjean was a good pick. He’s got experience and he’s had some success. It’s a win-win for both sides. 6. What? IRL wasn’t good enough for Haas? 7. Button staying at McLaren is really a bad moved. Why would anyone stay there at… Read more »


#8 – or, to put it another way, retired at 34 with two world championships, 300 million dollars and an island full of companionship, which will heal all these wounds.

charlie white

To the flip side of Red Bull’s engine demands, why should/would Ferrari provide them with equal, factory work engines to a team that can design and build a car equal or better than their own? Why hand the instrument of your own destruction to your enemy?

Negative Camber

I understand that point, Charlie, it’s a hard one to argue with for sure but I guess that’s why we are where we are. :)


All I know is I have the run of the place!

Time to imbibe some of Paul’s special IPA stash.

Negative Camber

LOL…awesome! You won the internet today! :)


Crap the boss is here!

*looks busy*


You have to earn those zeros somehow.

Junipero Mariano

How’s that Honda engine?


Good call on the Rodgers sacking. You’re actually up-to-date with your football news. Haas isn’t an ass. He was just honest. If he said, as Grace suggested “we didn’t want a rookie driver, it would be a bad business idea,” people would criticize him for being aloof or euphemistic or argue that they NEED one, etc. Nothing anyone says is ever right… Good on him for being truthful as any shrewd businessman is. Would any of us complain about more races? Grace, English soccer only rarely runs at 13:00 (during DST changes) and the majority of games start at 10:00… Read more »


One point you perhaps overlooked on the Red Bull question. The running of a F1 team is a team effort; that includes all of the business and strategy side too. I think we can make the case that the business / strategy side of red bull have cocked up their engine supply strategy. They seemed to burn all their bridges with Renault, and had nowhere to go. As Ron Dennis always tells us, you really need to be in a partnership with an engine supplier, or the works team in order to win. They have put themselves at the back… Read more »

Mike S

Loving the podcast this week, great job again guys!! Todd and Grace knocks it out of the park..and leaves us anxious for race reviews when Paul and Mark are on. Seriously..sometimes even watching F1 I think now…’I wonder what Todd and Mark will say about THAT incident?’ “I wonder how Paul viewed THAT overtake?” I imagine what the F1B team thinks and says during races.. Is it just me, or sometimes does anyone else imagine Paul C. on his glass penthouse balcony overlooking Turn 1 at Sonoma ..his feet up on the carbon-black lightweight rail… sporting his slightly-worn as-no- to-be-overtly-ostentatious… Read more »

Negative Camber

that is exactly how Paul live…exactly. :)