Podcast #442- Russian GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the Russian Grand Prix from Sochi Autodrom. We cover each team as they finished and share our the race. We also introduce our new feature, the FBC Grand Prix Circuit Analysis…we hope you enjoy that. Like an Olds 442, this podcast moves quickly…at least it felt like it did.

Hamilton russia grid girls

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Manuel Galicia

My first ever formula 1 race was Malaysia 2012…. no wonder I’m a massive Perez fan and not only because I’m Mexican but because of his driving style. Never missed a race since that day and races like this remind me of the same Perez from that race in Malaysia. Determined, performing under huge pressure and never giving up. Can’t wait to see him in the Mexican GP which will also be my first GP.

Negative Camber

That’s terrific! That should be a great race with Perez and who knows? Next year could have Sergio and Esteban at the Mexican GP. How cool would that be?

Paul KieferJr

1. Yanno, I think I’ll stick to the American English that know so well. 2. Unfortunately, all I have is my voice. Fortunately, that’s all I need. :-D 3. In Russian, GP maps you. 4 So maybe you need an emergency override for DRS? 5. Wouldn’t that happen at the apex? 6. Probably a little ditch with some removable grating? 7 Sucked that Rosberg had to ball with that throttle issue. Been in that situation before. Not fun. 8. So, is there any real reason for Rosberg to stay where he is? 9. Raikkonen’s move was boneheaded. He never should… Read more »

Andreas Möller

Haven’t heard the whole podcast yet, but wanted to chime in with special thanks to Paul for the exhaustive run-through of the Sochi track. If the podcast is occasionally insightful, this was it! :-)

If you are taking requests, mine would be to have that kind of “track walk” in every race review, or even better (but possibly harder to coordinate), in the podcast before a race weekend. That’s the kind of insight that (along with the regular banter) draws me to the FBC podcast.

Negative Camber

Thanks, Paul and I are planning on making that a regular feature. :)

Jason Smith

I finally got a chance to listen to the podcast and wanted to second Andreas’ comment on Paul’s “Track Walk” segment! Please make it a regular feature and tell anyone who says otherwise to stuff it in their earhole! ;)

Negative Camber

Will do. Paul is really earning those zeros in his check now. ;) Or for Paul, it would be cheque.

Paul Charsley

Thanks! means a lot. Can’t wait for Baku next year!

Andreas Möller

On the Raikkonen/Bottas thing, I said in the other thread that it looked like a move that was never going to work. And the penalty was fair, even though no penalty would give back Bottas his 3rd position. And to add insult to injury, the whole thing became a double blow to Williams in the WCC race with Red Bull. First they lost a potential 15 points when Bottas retired, and then Red Bull got gifted two additional points when Kimi was demoted from 5th to 8th… ouch.


I’d be interested in Paul’s view of Sainz’s actions in continuing to drive around the circuit after the brakes failed. To spin a second time was bad enough (surely he knew his race was over at that point), but to venture back on the track again, spreading carbon fibre debris as he went seemed particularly careless.

From memory, wasn’t Sainz also responsible for the first deployment of the virtual safety car after parking on the circuit at club corner during the British GP?

peter riva

Okay I am puzzled – What? Is the idolatry of Mercedes getting to you? Telling, twice, Hamilton he can turn up and down the engine, just like daddy-kins helping junior with the stupid fuel management – let’s not race, let’s process in an orderly patronizing fashion. BOOOOORing F1 racing. Except for Perez and Kimi…
The rest of the podcast was great. Amusing.

peter riva

Heck, you didn’t even mention the DRS and “push button to pass” trickery!

peter riva

Oh, and from the F1 official page:
“Last lap Kimi, last lap. All or nothing!”

On the other side of the Ferrari garage, a call to arms doesn’t exactly
go to plan as Raikkonen closes on Bottas in the fight for third…


Honestly I thought this was a pretty interesting race. Maybe the prior one just lowered my standards.


Brilliant podcast with all of that real racing analysis. Loved it thank you. I nominate ‘I don’t want to call it a rookie move, because some rookies drive quite well’ for dry humor of the month. Thank you NC for working so hard to bring listeners the best. Okay maybe this will start a controversy or make me look like an idiot, but this track analysis to me confirmed what I’ve long thought, which is that the F1 game for PS3 is a pretty well designed game. I really enjoy the races more by trying the tracks out on the… Read more »

Negative Camber

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for listening.

Mike S

Paul!! Loved the detailed explanation of the intricacies of turn physics at Sochi..Todd great call in letting Paul off the chain and go for it!
Can someone PLEASE send this into NBC as a template so they can copy and let Steve ride into the engineering horizon??!!