Podcast #444- USGP review

Join Paul and me as we review the US Grand Prix. I was at the grand prix and I share a few tidbits from the weekend. WE cover every team as the placed and share our thoughts on the results.

Don’t miss Paul’s virtual lap track analysis as well.

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I heard the sky broadcast…It was Crofty who said “Plucky teen Max Verstappen” … took me off guard. Full credit to you guys though ahahah

Negative Camber

LOL…well, Crofty is a great guy so kudos for copping our term. ;)

Ed Flinn

I thought he said “plucky teen” the first time I heard it, but on reruns it was clearly “plucky team”. He wasn’t referring to Max but to Toro Rosso.

Paul KieferJr

1. I feel for ya, Todd. I was equally soaked….and muddy. 2. You had the beer. I stuck with tea. 3. Given our experiences with deluges, we definitely know how to get things drained off. 4. I was surprised that many people showed up on Sunday. Then again, given the fact that we actually had the forecast for the rain ending before the race began, I’m probably not THAT surprised. 5. So, how much throttle would you say was needed (in terms of percentage) to get through the esses? 6. It did look doubtful for a bit. 7. I’ve done… Read more »


Regarding 18. it appears that if there is a more significant situation, the safety car is deployed to bunch up the field. This allows corner workers more time to clear the scene as there is more time to work instead of having a car pass by every several seconds. Does that make sense? The cars will be in a line and the time between when the last car drives by until the safety car comes back around is greater than shuffling between cars frozen in their respective positions.


Thanks for another great blog, I enjoyed it, love the free format style. Keep it up.
One thought: I would prefer to listen to your thoughts on the track analysis and the ‘virtual lap’ before and not after the race weekend, it helps to appreciate the different corners and strategies during the race.In short, it would increase my fun watching the fp, q and race!

Alex Brașovan

Kvyat is pronounced without the strong emphasis on the “y” but rather like “Kvjat”

Negative Camber

There you go, Greg had it right…the rest of the paddock has it wrong. :) I need to learn Creamer-ese. ;)

charlie white

At the last minute, I got a ticket for Sunday in the main grandstands. Like you said, COTA did the best job they could to accommodate the fans in the rain. But if you stayed for the post-race Elton John concert, it was a long 2-hour wait for shuttle service back to downtown parking in Austin. No one from COTA bothered to make the distinction between the wait line for downtown parking and closer off-site parking.

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

I have to agree with you. The ONLY blemish I would give COTA to this great weekend was the post race shuttle lines. Absolutely no signs on which line was which and thank goodness all of the fans were very orderly and respectful when it came to waiting. My wife and I waited two hours as well to get on a bus.

Paul KieferJr

Similar experiences….and it was 2 1/2 hours, some of which was in the mud, in a line that made 2 1/2 laps around a pair of bridges. I had to throw my shoes and pants into the washer the following day.


It was even worse if you didn’t wait for the concert. Todd I’m super glad you had the weekend you did, sounds like a dream and you deserve it. But listening to the podcast ‘in the media van, with the Ferrari guys in the paddock club, in the media center…’ It was different for those of us who were slogging it out in the muck like that scene from the Holy Grail, there’s some lovely filth over here. (and I’m GLAD for you and anyone else who didn’t find out what it was like for the rest of us, I… Read more »

Negative Camber

Like I said on the cast, I know that not every single person was happy or completely taken care of during the weekend. However, I spoke with lots of fans and for the most part, they were all very happy with the outcome. Montreal has been on the calendar for decades, they’re veterans. COTA has been here for 4 years, I think that’s a tough comparison. It was uncommon circumstances for sure. When I was talking about the weekend, it wasn’t from my cozy suite, I was in the paddock in the rain back and forth for quite of bit… Read more »


My supposition, and you can correct me if I’m wrong, but this was the impression I got from your podcast, is that most of the people you talked to were within the grounds when you talked to them. The nightmare at COTA was in leaving the place, and they probably hadn’t had that experience when you talked to them. I saw multiple people go to the information window and ask them to send someone out to explain the lines and direct people but in the hours I spent there waiting, no one ever came and did that. You would invest… Read more »


In the Vettel-Hot lap post you wrote Vettel said he doesn’t like a oversteery car. That must be a typo then? Hating understeery car definitely sounds more right to me, as it concurs with what I’ve heard about his driving style since the early days.

This episode gave me a few good chuckles. Nice episode!

Negative Camber

Yes, absolutely a typo, I need to go change that. thanks for catching it.

Junipero Mariano

If Max Verstappen was signed to Mercedes at some point, like 2017, that would be awesome for F1 in general, but I’m not sure for Mercedes in particular. Right now, Lewis and Nico deliver the 1-2’s. Lewis will fight and win the championships. Nico will compete, but isn’t stupid/bold enough to take both of them out. Please take this in the enthusiasm it was meant for: Max Verstappen doesn’t give a f—. He’s got the hands and feet of Lewis, the wiles of Jenson, and the attachment of Maldonado. See Monaco for his riding of the Vettel train, and the… Read more »


When Paul says he didn’t like Vettel and now sees his error, I think he’s being unduly hard on himself. There’s something common to a lot of the drivers getting respect in this episode – They came blazing in, had early success, went through hard times and fought their ways through it. They’re no longer rubbing fans the wrong way like they used to. Maybe we just didn’t think they deserved it at first, and now we grant them the success. But I think more likely the fans are keen observers and see a real change in these drivers, who’ve… Read more »

Negative Camber

That’s a good point and quite possibly why some folks have come to appreciate certain drivers. With time and age comes, usually, race craft and a more measured approach. Still, Lewis’s move and turn one shows that the aggression is still there and the fight to win is always present. :)


Boy I was disappointed in that move. I accept what you and Paul said, that’s how world champions are. I guess that’s true. I would have hoped for a little more grace from a guy who was at that time guaranteed the world championship, partly because his teammate had suffered a lot of bad luck. To punt him that way when there was no need at all for it, like I say I think you are right, he wouldn’t have gotten this far if he wasn’t that kind of guy, but it made me sad. If he couldn’t believe in… Read more »

Negative Camber

Yeah, I hear you. I know opinions are divided on the move. For me, the desire to win in present in many of them and Lewis is an aggressive racer. I wasn’t bothered by his actions so much as I think Nico needs to get more aggressive if he wants to hold his own.


Good point. The point ‘get mad on the track, not at hat toss time’ is undeniable. That the championships were basically settled at that point may be justification for Hamilton to ease off, but it’s at least as much justification for Rosberg to bare his fists. You make sense.

Kimi's on the Vodka...again

Yes, this. Lewis has the measure of Nico…Lewis knows that Nico will always get out of the way i.e. give him room if Lewis runs him wide. Nico should have held his line and taken his chances on a DNF or possible double-DNF. Lewis would then think twice about pulling the same move again (not to mention the stewards’ actions and Merc brass chiming in). I am excited about Mexico…Nico has nothing to lose…I hope Nico really throws his hat in the ring ;)


All of the great drivers would have done the same thing. The title isn’t won until it’s won, and F1 always had the possibility of technical failures in multiple races.
As Todd always said, Lewis isn’t there to be wet nurse for nico,he is there to win.

Andreas Möller

Great podcast, and once again let me say thanks to Paul for the run-through of the circuit – that really raised bar of the race review, for me. On the first corner shenanigans, I agree completely that it is up to Nico to bite back, or accept becoming Rubens. At the same time, it was a tough situation for him – his only chance of staying in the race for the championship was to win here, and taking both himself and Lewis out would only have benefited Vettel. Yes, in relation to Lewis Nico would still have been at status… Read more »


Assuming Max continues to progress with his race craft, he could certainly land a Merc or Ferrari drive in a couple years. RBR will do well to sign him to a long-term contract but Jos probably sees greater heights. This is also based on the assumption that Merc is still dominant and Ferrari is either equal or is competing. Also something we need to consider is that drivers and fans are calling for fewer driver aids and taking the series out of the control of the engineers while the race is going on. To which degree is debatable, but it… Read more »


I totally agree with the praise given to Vettel. I am also liking him more all of the time.
I really hope the Ferrari and Mercedes are close next year, as a title battle between Lewis and Seb will be epic. I love how the two of them clearly totally respect each other, and are obviously good friends, but on the track you know they would fight like crazy and enjoy every second of it.
Lewis vs Seb is the battle we want to see.


totally agree though they’ve not really been a real threat at the same time. it will be interesting to see, if they trade wins in a tight points battle, how well they enjoy each other’s company and smile and hold hands off track.