Podcast #445- Austin USGP Fancast

At the US Grand Prix, we held out second-annual Fancast event and had a few folks willing to come on the show and share their opinion on Formula 1. We didn’t speak too specifically about the USGP in particular but kept it topical about F1.

I had a great time meeting old friends and a big THANK YOU to Mike and Diana for helping me with the technical side of things bringing gear from California to make it all happen.

I hope you enjoy our conversation because it is truly what we have always said (since 2007) that our podcast is all about, friends having a beer talking about F1. That’s exactly what we did at the Liberty Tavern at the Hilton Downtown in Austin Texas…while it rained outside. A lot!

Can you believe we didn’t take a picture of all of us, folks? We were all there and it completely slipped my mind but then I’m not much to look at anyway.

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Paul KieferJr

1. This time, I can actually hear me. 2. Certainly, you could make Friday compelling re: third driver racing if you have it contribute points to their own “third driver” title and to the team constructor points. 3. Todd, you’re connections with Ferrari is sort of making me jealous. :-D 4. I’d have to compare it with attendance for Daytona first before I can claim that it’s the most attended event. 5. I’m shocked that, outside of Rossi, nobody thinks that there’s an American driver who’s worthy of driving in F1….but yeah, Haas needs to get it’s feet wet first… Read more »


5. Who is capable of competing in F1? Any of the IndyCar guys such as RHR or Newgarden?

16. That’s kinda like paying more for super license depending on the level of success in the year prior.

Do you like Round Rock Donuts?

Paul KieferJr

1. Certainly some of the top IndyCar gusy like Ryan Hunter-Ray, Newgarden, etc. could give it a shot. 2. They already do that sort of thing, but that penalizes the drivers instead. Better to make the richer teams pay a bit more if they want to stay top dog and have them help out the poorer teams to keep them in the series. 3. Assuming that “Round Rock Donuts” is a company, I’ve never tried those. They’re on the opposite end of town, however, so the chances of me even encountering one is somewhere between “slim” and “none”, and Ol’… Read more »


I would love to see all testing take place only on the Friday before the GP, reserve driver only, save Jerez pre-season. Step up your guys’ beer game! Shoulda had Jester King or ABW. If a Cosworth or the like comes along, hits a home run and creates engines on par with the best, would manufacturers consider switching if what they are producing are substantially more expensive? A team cannot switch mid-season, but if they enter the championship as a works team, are they restricted to only what they make? Would you all support a third party manufacturer of chassis… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

1. Outside of quails, what would the main drivers do?
2. I don’t normally drink, so I’m out of that competition.
3. That’s a question best answered by Fake Charlie.
4. I think it could happen, and probably has since Haas has signed up Dallara for that chassis.
5. The folks on the poor end of the income scale don’t have any sort of option, let alone cable.
6. I’m familiar with Shaq’s effort. The rest….not so much.


Just catching up after a fortnight away with near zero connection to the internet. With regard to baseball and a UK equivalent, a colleague of mine once spent the night watching the World’s series, and the following morning said, “it’s just rounders”.
For the US audience, rounders is a game played mostly by schoolchildren in the UK.

Test cricket on the other hand takes five days, and makes baseball looked fast paced.

Paul KieferJr

To be honest, I was told that “Rounders” was the UK equivalent. Most of the difference was that poles were used instead of base bags and you don’t really return to home plate.


I was just listening to the Podcast while imbibing a homebrewed Amber Ale (For Paul). Loved it all, but I disagree with what was was said about the engine wars. I believe as what happened in the V8 era, if you give the Ferrari’s, Honda’s and Renault’s of the world the freedom they will catch up to the Merc’s (If they are willing to spent the money.) Mercedes will obviously keep improving, but there will be a tipping point where Mercedes will hit the law of diminishing returns and the other teams will catch up. The question is, how long… Read more »

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

Which is why I’m in the run what you brung mantra. Want a hybrid focus? Bring the V6 turbo, a smaller team can then bring a V8 with KERS and have a prayer at a fraction of the cost.

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

What a great time meeting everyone and talking Formula 1. Sorry if I talked too fast, but I was really excited to actually speak to knowledgeable fans with passion for the sport. Where I live it is almost impossible to find fans and those I do just aren’t as into it as I am. Paul, I must apologize as I called you Todd in the podcast and I think again I missed your name upon leaving. Totally an accident. Same for the first bit where I agreed with Ian (I think was his name) but called him Joel. Anyways, I… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

1. I was called Todd? Seriously? I must have missed that one.

2. A cross I must bear. Did I mention the pitchforks and torches lining the Interstate? I have to go in the back way dressed as Ronald McDonald when I got to work on that day.