Podcast #446- Mexican GP review

Join Paul and me for the Mexican Grand Prix review Podcast. We discuss each team as they finished, share our thoughts on the race and discuss the incident that made it a great event. Adios amigo! Did Nico say “thank you for the chicken” in Spanish on the podium?

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Louis Jansen

Thanks for the podcast. Max Verstappen said to Dutch press that he had engine overheat problems.

Negative Camber

Ah…that was the issue. Ok, thanks for filling in the gaps.

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

Solid podcast as always. I really felt like this race got a little boring at parts. Is that wrong to say? The track layout was cool, but the racing itself seemed a little uneventful and the circuit didn’t seem… fast. I know the times say otherwise, but I feel like when I watch the onboard of a car hitting 130R at Suzuka I’m saying to myself “WOW that car is fast.” Here it just felt like an airstrip dragrace video you can see on YouTube down the long straight. Pass: For a non DRS pass I’m not sure. I’ll just… Read more »

Negative Camber

I can’t say I was edge-of-seat watching to be honest. :) There were 335k fans who were though. :)


Personally I think it starts to seem that way (boring) every year about this time if the championships have been decided. Much as I love F1, once the big questions have been answered you’re just left with the racing, and it’s starts to become clear that the racing, um, lacks a certain something. This in my opinion is why the sport is suffering, more so than because it’s using batteries or the McLarens sound like they have Jake Brakes or whatever people are blaming it on. No one ever says Australia is boring, because it’s so interesting to see who’s… Read more »

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

I think you bring up a great point. The championships are done, and now we just have racing. It does show the faults of the racing in F1. For me, it especially shows the overpowered (pulling video game terms into this) DRS system. I wonder how much more competitive Kyvat could have been if Bottas didn’t have DRS to yank him on that straight? What about allowing TWO blocking maneuvers versus one? Kvyat could have forced Bottas to brake a little harder or even into an error if he didn’t have DRS to make up an insane amount of room… Read more »


Bottas passed Kvyat right after the safety car. DES wasn’t enabled at that time. The Williams had better straight line speed, and he was using tyres that were closer to their operating temperature while running behind the safety car (medium vs soft).
There is plenty to complain about DES, but that pass shows that it wasn’t necessary at this track.


I somewhat agree, but the initial lunge off a safety car is an unusual moment that really favors the more powerful car. I don’t think it means too too much about the race in general.

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

I see. Sorry I got that wrong. Next time I should write a note down or something during the race.


Rob Smedley was quoted by Autosport as stating that Williams put Bottas on the Medium tyre rather than the Soft because its working temperature was lower, so it would be better for the re-start.

As to Manor, perhaps we will see the return of Finbarr?

Paul KieferJr

1. Surprising that they were drawing more than Austin. 2. I thought the tough part was going through the stadium section, given that the surface was a bit slippery there and the track was narrow at that point. 3. The quali rounds were probably foreshadowing the race. 4. This was the race where Rosberg finally showed that he had guts and was willing to fight. That was probably the biggest thing that impressed me most about this race. 5. I think it was a good move on Merc’s part to bring Rosberg and then Hamilton and change out their tires… Read more »


Aren’t Montreal, Mexico City and Sao Paulo FIA-certified F1 grade american circuits as well?

Negative Camber

US tracks is what I was referring to.

charlie white

What about Indianapolis? No longer FIA certified despite not racing there anymore?

Negative Camber

I could be wrong, I need to ask our man Doug, but I suspect it would not be able to hold an F1 race tomorrow without modifications to get FIA grade A again but I could be wrong.

Tom Firth

I’m not Doug but I can answer this … When the new layout was designed, I’m fairly certain IMS said it would satisfy grade 1, however the latest FIA list (published on 6th Feb 2015) has IMS on the Grade 1 list but it’s the length of the previous configuration and was set to expire on 28 Feb 2015. It could of had a renewal since of course. The general view is that the new layout is also Grade 1, and could well be as a second configuration is not mentioned on the list at all, and you’d certainly expect… Read more »


On the topic of pan-American sensitivity, and I tried to find a way to send this message without putting a comment on the page but I couldn’t, I’m not trying to embarrass anyone. My suggestion would be to edit the podcast to remove Paul’s ‘all Mexicans live in one house’ comment, then delete this post as well. I personally find off color humor hysterical so I’m not judging, believe me, but no one wants it recorded for posterity.

Decorum and civility – they’re not just for visitors.


Great podcast. The track analysis was perfectly adjusted for absence of personal experience. Love the support for drivers showing a strong performance throughout the pack, and noting the positives of beating teammates or whatever small victory is available to the teams further back.

Best wishes for Manor, I hope we look back and see how this was an important step in that team’s eventual success!

peter riva

You are right, of course, about Kimi – he could have finished 3rd. What an outcome wasted. Can’t figure that out – except perhaps Kimi wanted to pay Botas back for the Russian race which was Bottas’ fault 9in my opinion).
As for Ricciardo, the smash and bash Aussie – can’t wait to see him go the way of Webber. Smiling assasin is still “assassin.” Yes he can drive and yes he’s a nice guy, but he is dangerous in open wheel. Look how many shunts and bumps he has caused this year.