Podcast #448- Brazilian GP review

Join Paul and me as we discuss the Brazilian Grand Prix. We cover each team as they finished and offer our driver’s perspective track analysis of Interlagos. We even hand out awards and that isn’t easy with a race like this one.

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Brilliant job guys. Maybe the best track analysis yet, that insight into carrying entry speed in situations where exit speed isn’t important was so interesting and well said. As a person who’s been grudging about Max Verstappen, I am getting convinced. We’ll see if he keeps it up next year but Jeez, the car control at the limit, like Daniel R at his best. Agreed about the pass of the race. Todd your hard work in gathering up outside sources and bits to make the action on and off the track more understandable really shows and pays off for us.… Read more »


The podcast was more entertaining than the race.

Paul KieferJr

1. Just an FYI: I have Jan Hammer’s song on my computer. 2. A Rosberg leads, a Rosberg wins, and a Sainz fails. 3. Hello, Hamilton? Verstappen made it work. Why can’t you? 4. I would have thought that Hamilton would have just kept quiet and try to figure out how to get around Rosberg. 5. Amazing that people give 110%….when there’s nothing more than 100% (somebody fails at math). 6. I would lean more toward Rosberg getting a psychological boost (because momentum counts for a lot). 7. So, I’d be willing to bet that Vettel was Alonso that day.… Read more »


I feel like people are misunderstanding the Williams tire situation. When they say it was 27C too warm and 0.1 psi high, they’re saying it was 0.1 (or whatever number) higher than the MINIMUM. Commenters are right, 27C would create more than 0.1 diff in pressure. In other words, the 0.1 the tire was over the min. pressure would suggest that, had the tire been at the right temperature, the pressure would have been below the minimum. Since the much publicized blowouts, Pirelli have required higher pressures. Those higher pressures have a negative effect on handling. So….just hypothetically here….if a… Read more »

Negative Camber

I think I said it was 0.1 above the minimum right? At least I hope I did. :)


Oh agreed, I think so. It just seems like when people hear ‘it was 27C too high and 0.1 psi above the minimum’ there have been a lot of comments here and elsewhere ‘wouldn’t 27C make more than 0.1 psi difference?’ and it would, that’s the issue. 27C is taking them from way below the minimum to juuussst barely at it. It just seems like the 0.1 is throwing them off. But although I don’t remember your exact words, I’m not thinking anything you said was wrong.

Patrick Chapman

And yet Williams sees fit to appeal. I’m sure that they wouldn’t appeal just for the publicity. They maintain that their 3 sensors were giving readings that put the tyre in the correct temp/pressure window and that their 3 sensors are more reliable than the FIA’s one sensor. They may have a point so we shall see. I hope they are right as I don’t enjoy seeing a driver disqualified because of something the team did. Especially when it is the poor guys home race. I am sure that the FIA could come up with a more satisfactory punishment if… Read more »


They have now withdrawn their appeal.

charlie white

To answer Paul’s brain fade on the French racing driver cartoon character: it was Michel Vaillant. Now my memory fade recalls a movie production on this character and they were shooting race footage with character branded cars at 24 Hours of LeMans some 10 years ago or even more. I own the Speed Racer movie on dvd-it’s horrible but I enjoy it as brain candy.


Bottas qualified 4th, but got a three place penalty for overtaking under red in free practise.


I think there may be a problem with the RSS feed for this podcast. I use “iCatcher” on my iPhone which has been rock solid for me. However, the last few weeks have not appeared in the stream and I have had to download them directly or via iTunes. Is there anything problematical with the RSS feed? Something that might have changed recently for y’all?

Negative Camber

Yeah, I am running out of room on our server for self-hosting the podcasts so I moved the RSS to Soundcloud. Here is the RSS:

Let me know if that works.


I waited and discovered that the podcasts subscribed via RSS link finally do appear. They are just days late compared to iTunes. For example, the Abu Dhabi review just showed up this morning. I will now switch to the new RSS and see what happens.