Podcast #451

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We cover The Renault/Lotus acquisition, Pirelli’s new tire gambit, Mercedes talking, FIA decisions, Tokens and much more.

Fashion award winner here.

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Dr T

The FBC listeners besot upon you “Historic Podcast” status…. that must be worth something extra

Negative Camber

Indeed. It’s wroth a lot. :)

John The Race Fan

Todd –

1. Thanks for working your magic on the RSS feed. I love being able to hear y’all on my Monday morning commute when this is actually fresh!

2. When you and Grace were poo-pooing the idea of a third tire cmpound, I was screaming “No, Todd! Not Now!” at you while stuck in Houston stupid traffic. I did find time to hit Starbucks and crank out an opposing viewpoint:

I’m also curious about Paul’s opinion about tire choice from a driver’s perspective.

Negative Camber

Yeah, with full transparency, I just haven’t had time to think through the full tactical details of the 3-compound concept and as I mentioned in the podcast, I am sure there are many. Paul and I will have to discuss that in detail and offer our thoughts on it because it could mean a serious impact. Just think Pirelli could have unpacked that for us a little and not left it so spartan in their press release. Why is it important is a hallmark of any press release and how it will work. :)

John The Race Fan

Pirelli is all about their aura of mystery. :)

I even understand the log behind keeping teams’ compound choices secret, especially from other teams.
Granted having some silly ceremony to reveal the choices of the teams seems as contrived as the tribal council meetings at the end of every Survivor episode. Two weeks before the event, issue a press release saying what compounds each team chose and be done with it.

Shifting gears…
I wonder if we’ll be able to get a twin-turbo hybrid V6 Tag Hauer for one’s wrist? Being an unbranded Renault, how reliable would the timekeeping be?

Louis Jansen

Thanks again for a great podcast! There was a lot of F1 news to cover and you did it all with great expertise! So in the Netherlands we had a great F1 season to enjoy. There wasn’t so much hype about Max Verstappen in the Dutch media. We were just very happy to see him doing well in his rookie season. On Dutch “BNR” radio Max gave an interview and commented on next years Ferrari motor: he said he hopes to close the gap to the frontrunners, maybe closing it by 1 second a lap. And just a quote: “I… Read more »

Negative Camber

Thanks so much for your kind words. Max is terrific and I would say that even if he does have a better engine, it’s in his DNA to make those terrific passes. :)


Maldonado’s sponsors have just been voted out of office. That’s a great day in the calendar of a lot of talented drivers.

Andreas Möller

Good run-through of the news items, and the bravado award was well deserved! One thing – are you sure the TAG-Heuer branded engines will be developed by Red Bull during the season? I can’t see how the regulations would allow a customer (regardless of engine branding) to develop an engine that has been homologated by Renault. Helmut Marko said to Red Bull owned website Speedweek (in german here: that they will have the same 2016 unit as the official Renault unit, which will be developed by Renault with the cooperation of Ilmor. He also confirmed that it is a… Read more »

Negative Camber

I may have that very wrong indeed. The last I read, they were managing development on their side but let’s be honest, I’m old and rarely well-read so this may have changed and now with Ilmor said to be now working with Renault, that may have been the change that RBR wanted in that he was working with them and now he has moved over to Renault to help the development of the PU. You may very well be right on that one, I just missed that detail and it’s a doozy to miss. Thanks for bringing that up.

Andreas Möller

Well, I may be right or I may be wrong – with F1 you can never be sure :-) But there sure seems to be plenty of different theories floating around the interwebs on this subject – some say the TAG Heuer branding is a way to fast-track a Red Bull engine (by turning TH into an engine manufacturer), although I don’t see how that would fly while Renault still owns the IP to their engine. Others claim it’s just the ICE that will be Renault, with RBR ERS parts added. Yet others claim that the new rule allowing a… Read more »


I don’t see why Verstappen shouldn’t be beating the Red Bulls next season.

Paul KieferJr

1. Oh, yeah, I’m with ya there, Grace. Watching the news as we speak. 2. Personally, would love to see “Vroooom” in Austin, but such is life… 3. So, is it easier to say “Lotus Renault F1” or “Renault Lotus F1”? 4. True. I’ve done that a few times. 5. I’m old, but I don’t think I heard those details either. 6. Dunno, Grace, that depends on whether or not Renault has enough money to say that they don’t need PDSVA. 7. Well, I think Renault and/or Lotus has an argument regarding their longevity as it relates to their historic… Read more »

Joseph Simmons

To Grace, it kinda went under the radar, but I really appreciated the Roland Martin scarf reference in the fashion award segment! If you’ve not followed him on Twitter please do just for the comments on Empire, Scandal, and HTGAWM. But also I wanted to alert Grace and you, our LCH will be in her zip code for a meeting with the President this week. So you can only image what his attire will be after the FIA awards and Wimbledon fiasco. Set your dvr for the Corden late night where LCH continues his Americas tour! Thanks for all you… Read more »


Ferrari should call it FIDA instead of FDA. Ferrari Italian Drivers Academy. They’ve also taken on drivers from other countries, but they have a clear emphasis on italian drivers. Red Bull instead focuses on the best drivers. It’s just a choice.

Tom Firth

They do but that’s because Ferrari also sucks a fair bit out of sponsor revenue that would perhaps otherwise go to Italian drivers within the countries motorsport circles, so it kind of has a duty to support Italian talent through as well, in addition to the nationality aspects.

Gavin Campbell

Why don’t we just call the tired soft/medium/hard or sprint/regular/endurance? Why do we care what “range” they are using? In Moto GP they change the make up of the tires but they call them soft or hard, you know like humans. As for Vrooom! it was a Marlboro/Phillip Morris event with their two primary racing teams, Ducati and Ferrari. But due to general restrictions on advertising and events within Europe and with European based companies its not worth the expense anymore as they can’t do ANYTHING at it anymore. I don’t even think they can do a Vrooom! by Philip… Read more »