Podcast #452

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We discuss Spygate Redux, Mercedes and Ferrari destroying F1, STR’s all-nighter and much more.

Fashion award winner here.

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Paul KieferJr

1. That’s sort of slightly above normal over here. 2. So, a whole bunch of highly improbable actions….why does this sound like a frame-up? 3. So, it seems that they can pack up and get out just like NASCAR. 4. Oh, that would be interesting: A crew chief on the impact wrench. 5. Depending on your point of view, he might be right. 6. I do believe that they call that “barrier to trade” (See Title 18 US Code, Chapter 1.) 7. Okay, Grace, I’ll send you all the parts to build the engine and see if you’re inclined to… Read more »


Just saw an article at (, and Ferrari seems to think it’s either under “their” jurisdiction or bust. Those vetoes are getting out of hand, and it’s not Ferrari’s BS job to regulate F1, it’s FIA. The overpricing and vetoes by Ferrari are making F1 so boring as of late.

Junipero Mariano

Thanks for the award! I had never thought about before, but it’s true, you really can’t tell what kind of engine is in the car apart from the sound and whether its significantly faster or slower than the last engine. You could see the budget engine as an opportunity for the hybrid manufacturers in that you can see how much more the hybrid saves in fuel. On the other hand, cheaper engines can mean more money for aero. Red Bull and Williams can definitely exploit that aspect. PS. My life won’t be complete until I hear the Roots play “Lewis… Read more »

Matthew Fearon

I am a big fan of both Solberg brothers. I used to love seeing the contrasting reactions when they were both in WRC, Petter had extreme angry / happy reactions depending on how he did on the stage and Henning was always smiling and just like “whatever lol” no matter what happened. I remember when Petter fell out of his car in 2008 while celebrating, I felt so embarrassed for him. I haven’t kept up with what he’s up to since he went to rally-X, looks like he’s doing great!

Tina Hadley

Solberg brothers are my love